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Looking for a reliable Magento service provider? Firebear is ready to deliver the positive results of your project. Whether you are a merchant or represent an agency, we offer you streamlined Magento custom extension development services.

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Firebear team

Firebear is a team of Certified Magento developers who have introduced the leading import solution to the Magento community — Improved Import and Export. For almost a decade of enhancing Magento, we have built a strong bond with our audience and gained the respect of 50+ partners — pioneers in creating e-commerce software. Our passion for Magento stimulates constant market monitoring in search of the most recommended tendencies in the extension development sphere. With such immense expertise and deep knowledge of the Magento ecosystem, it’s no surprise we excel in everything related to the platform.

Our Magento extension development services include a thorough technical analysis of your requirements. We discuss project terms and the results of our estimate with you; the whole process is transparent. Once we agree on these steps, the team starts the work providing you with info about each stage of a roadmap. Non-stop communication with a client and extreme care to project details allow us to deliver sustainable solutions unique to a particular case.

What’s special in offers?
With our resources, you step up your business

  • Reach out to millions of Magento 2 users with your product by integrating it via Firebear services.
  • Connect your system or systems with Magento 2 within a single hub to stimulate the boost in sales.
  • Get a solution built according to the proven practices of Magento 2 and supported with the TDD (Test-Driven Development) approach (full unit and integration test coverage included).
  • Work with the reputable developer team — a member of ExtDN and community-approved software provider, PHP professionals — to secure the project results and stay a rightful code owner and extension distributor.

The multiple ways of upgrading your business

Order control

Tools that cover every stage of ordering and make sure customers get their delivery without fails. Thee type includes UX variations of order-related backend grids and pages, along with multiple shipping-oriented extensions, e.g., RMA, currency switchers.

Content management

The extensive direction is dedicated to custom blocks, pages, URLs, and the element arrangement within product and CMS pages, categories. Knowledge base, blog, review section, etc. can also become important aspects for influencing the audience.

Marketing, or sales

The massive field that is in charge of making your store attractive and credible throughout the Internet. Promo campaigns of all types fall under marketing name alongside customer interest stimulation based on previous choices, card total, etc.

  • SEO - page speed, cache warmers
  • Related products, cross-sells, up-sells
  • Promo engines - product labels, countdown timers, custom stock statuses, banners, discounts
User experience

Everything that helps customers feel comfortable in your store belongs to the category. Search modules with autosuggestions and autocorrection help customers stay longer. Layered navigation provides unlimited opportunities for browsing products. One-step checkout makes payments painless. Helpdesk maintains the communication between a merchant and a customer and reduces the level of customer dissatisfaction.

Store administration

Here one can find software for a stable store running. The Magento 2 market offers solutions in the following subcategories:

  • Inventory management
  • Customer segmentation and visibility settings
  • Performance reports
  • Secure store access
Customer engagement and re-engagement

By making customer experience in the store personalized, you inspire your audience to return. That’s why reward and affiliate programs, gift cards and coupons, abandoned cart and follow up emails, push notifications are widely used to get the maximum customer attention.

Firebear takes up any challenge in custom extension development for Magento 2. We provide modules based on the Improved Import and Export architecture or custom logic according to your system needs. Whether you need a few improvements in the backend or specific functionality, share your project with us, and we deliver the most satisfying solution.

What you need to know about Magento 2

Years of empowering e-commerce have made Magento the most popular platform in the sphere. Its strong inclination to creating unlimited possibilities for online business growth has won over millions of merchants all over the world. As Magento adheres the idea of scalability, it’s no wonder the system support has led to the new advanced version — Magento 2.

Arguably, Magento 2 is now marking industry standards in providing tools for content management and customer involvement, achieving payment flexibility. The key feature of the platform is constant improvements for site performance optimization; as a result, Magento 2 shows a considerable decrease in page load time. The ability to sustain several admin logins at the same time and reduced checkout steps serve to strengthen system stability. Thanks to the modular architecture of the platform and open-code character, every part can be customized and upgraded with the 3-rd party modules.

Professionals with profound expertise in Magento 2 are able to build extensions of any type for you. Firebear develops small functionality enhancements as well as complex business intelligences with custom logic. Seasoned in working with Magento 2 technology stack, our team is proven PHP and Zend masters. Delivered solutions within MySQL, we’ve tested our knowledge of the database with multiple modifications and integrations for more than a dozen years. We can make any tool go live without any conflict with the latest Magento 2 version, thanks to solid skills in HTML5 and CSS3. jQuery and other JavaScript libraries are our proficiency so that we ensure you get the most responsive and rich-in-possibilities business applications. Following the system requirements of Magento 2, we provide software solutions that work seamlessly within Open Source, Commerce, and Commerce Cloud editions.

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How to go beyond the limits

If you feel standard offers aren’t relevant to your requirements, we are ready to help you in search for extra ways of improvement. Using the flexible logic of Improved Import and Export for Magento 2, we develop any type of integration extensions. Want to increase process automation in your store? Connect with a powerful ERP and manage resources effectively. Strive to reduce involvement in human-related tasks? Synchronize your store with a robust CRM and leave the routine to your software. Create impactful messages by arranging your store content with PIM technologies. Avoid losses and minimize human errors while dealing with taxes, wages, payments via accounting apps. All the scenarios are possible for your business without time-consuming multiple account management with Improved Import and Export. The extension is a cornerstone for a successful cross-platform integration. User-friendly interface and high speed of data transfers — 3k+ product/min — ensure you get your data fast, and it stays accessible to you. With the extension, you are able to retrieve data from the variety of sources:

  • REST and SOAP API, GraphQL, WebHooks
  • FTP
  • SFTP
  • URL
  • Google Sheets
  • File upload

Improved Import and Export supports the most popular file types, the fact allows us to be specific during integration and establish a synchronization channel most suitable to your business peculiarities. The extension processes:

  • JSON
  • CSV
  • XML
  • XLSX
  • ODS
  • ZIP and TAR

What makes our functionality beat the competition? Magento 2 Improved Import and Export gives you the ability to customize extracted or implemented data, map attributes, adjust prices. Data updates do not require admin involvement thanks to the built-in cron scheduler. As the feature set is reflected in our custom extension development projects, requesting our services, you get the same self-sustainable data management tool. Each solution is unique and written with your business specifics in mind.

  • Automate workflow in your store
  • Create plausible omnichannel
  • Synchronize with other platforms without data loss
  • Bring new practices into your routine, and many more

To know more about enterprise applications built upon Improved Import and Export visit the extension page on our site. There you can explore integrations with MS Dynamics, NetSuite, QuickBooks, Salesforce, and others. If you’ve already made up you mind, contact us and see your project done with the most benefits possible.

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