Viamedici Integration Add-on for Magento 2

This is an add-on of Improved Import and Export extension for Magento 2. With the Viamedici integration add-on, you can organize data exchange between your Magento 2 store and Viamedici PIM.

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Extension compatible with all recent versions of Magento 2.4.5 Open Source (Community), Adobe Commerce (Enterprise), Cloud Edition include B2B & Omnichannel!

NOTE: Magento 2 versions 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 no longer receive updates by Adobe Magento

Extension works on hundreds live Magento 2 stores worldwide!

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If you are looking how to connect your Magento 2 with Viamedici PIM - you have come to the right place

Data administration has never been an easy task. And there’s not just one lead or a pair of minor difficulties on the way but a lot of traps and pitfalls within a single routine arrangement. How to automate a safe data processing? How to gather all the pieces into a self-sustainable personalized system? How to organize a flexible workflow?

These are just a few, most common, questions that arise from the fear of dealing with lots of information. Fortunately, Viamedici developers have come up with the answer to most of such questions and related problems. They present a multifunctional system for advanced data management — EPIM. And we — exploiting our Improved Import & Export functionality, — bring the platform to you for your Magento 2 store!

What is it

Viamedici PIM & Magento 2 Connector is an add-on focused on creating a user-friendly environment for full product data control.

Viamedici specializes in product master data and media asset management along with high-quality marketing techniques. That is why the wide expertise of the company has resulted in developing a solution that supports massive stores’ databases with thousands of offers and their numerous variations. So, with our integration add-on, you will get access to import of:

  • Products. Including item images and related products.
  • Categories.
  • Attributes.
  • Translation services.

From our side, we have established a solid import channel so that the Viamedici insights are implemented seamlessly into your business. The add-on rests on XSLT code usage so it ensures accurate synchronization performance and gives the ability to isolate material parts according to specific import needs and pull in even the smallest data bits without a thing lost.

How it works

Discover the Viamedici and Magento 2 integration add-on in a few simple steps.

  1. Create an import job and select an import entity from products, categories, attributes, and translation tools.
  2. Specify an XML file you want to import and apply relevant XSLT template.
  3. Run the job.
  4. The add-on allows adding an unlimited number of jobs from the backend. Thanks to the feature, you are able to enrich your store content in any possible way.

    Viamedici PIM Magento 2 connector integration addon synchronization scheme

    Set up the system to work autonomously, upload translation patches for all you store views and forget about the time-consuming procedures you have experienced before. With Viamedici PIM & Magento 2 integration add-on, all the info in your store will be managed properly and displayed in a manner appropriate to the audience.

What you get with Viamedici Integration Add-on

  • Automation in data management — Set up an import job once to trigger updates that don’t demand manual involvement. Perform mapping to build solid data structure that needs no support. Save time and efforts on product administration routine.
  • SEO-friendly content presentation — Use product attributes to create hard-to-resist propositions. Compose text-blocks with categories and meta-data. Design special layouts with logical tags. Utilize the imported data to jump in search results.
  • Worldwide audience growth — Configure as many store views as you need. Benefit from Unicode support and language templates for online translation practices. Reach out to every customer with built-in Translation Memory Systems.

Viamedici Magento 2 two-way synchronization benefits

Improved Import and Export extension for Magento 2

A path to unlimited sources of integrations is not the only option for exploring Improved Import & Export for Magento 2. The extension is a flexible tool developed for merchants who knows how important it is to deal with the dataflow correctly. The module business value meets no end in a potential growth as we offer:

  • Elaborated migrations independent of data sizes.
  • Personalized CRM and ERP implementation in your system.
  • Platform transition free of any data conflicts.
  • Smooth omnichannel administration.

Improved import export Magento 2 flow possibilities

These and many more opportunities, constant functionality updates, and Firebear genuine interest in innovations have made an essential Magento 2 solution of Improved Import & Export.

Key features of Magento 2 Improved Import & Export

  • Files, FTP, SFTP, Dropbox, URL, Rest API, Soap API as import sources.
  • Not just XML, but CSV, Json, XLSX, ODS support.
  • Limitless data within a single file.
  • Cron scheduling for automatic import & export.
  • Advanced mapping for data loss forestalling.
  • More details on the product page.

Why choose Viamedici PIM

Do not hesitate to try out Viamedici PIM and organize a perfect workflow for your business. As Viamedici is known for:

  • Effective product management tools.
  • Powerful API.
  • Best SEO practices.
  • Multiple language support.
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