Support period for Magento 2 extensions

Extend support period for your Firebear extension. When your support period ends you can still use the extension, however you will not be eligible to receive technical assistance or download extension updates.

Excl. 19% Tax
Made in Germany
30 days money back
6 months support
$ no subscriptions
100% open source
2.1-2.4 compatibility
FREE installation
easy composer installation
PWA Ready
  • Lifetime license! No SAAS, no recurring payments
  • Six months of technical support and updates included
  • FREE installation and consultancy service included!
  • Contact Us if you have questions or custom requests!

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Extension compatible with all recent versions of Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x, 2.4.x Open Source (Community), Commerce (Enterprise), Cloud Edition include B2B & Omnichannel!

NOTE: Improved Import & Export has limited support of Magento 2.1, consult our support team

Extension works on hundreds live Magento 2 stores worldwide!

Firebear Import customer Canon Global
Firebear Import customer Acer
Firebear Import customer TeamViewer
Firebear Import customer Ironman
Firebear Import customer Wacom
Firebear Import customer Citizen
Firebear Import customer Monin
Firebear Import customer Fossil
Firebear Import customer Helzberg Diamonds
Firebear Import customer Hanes
Firebear Import customer Medline
Firebear Import customer Merino&Co
Firebear Import customer Roeckl


This is a technical support service renewal for Firebear Studio Magento 2 extensions. When you purchase a Firebear extension - six months of support are included in your purchase. If your support period runs out you are no longer eligible to receive technical assistance or download latest versions of the extensions.

Support period includes:

  • Technical assistance with the extension you have purchased.
  • New releases of the extension are available for download.
  • Consultation and installation services on the extension use.

One-time purchase

No recurring payments, no SAAS. You can renew your support period whenever you need it. Whether it is an extension update you are interested in, or require technical assistance. You can renew the support period when required.

About extension updates

Firebear Studio team is constantly developing new features for the extensions we offer. In other words, the new version of the extension will have much more features and will be much more stable than the version you have installed half a year ago. With constant updates and increasing QA and development upkeep we have to charge for the extension updates.

About technical support

Technical assistance is another aspect of the support period that we have to consider. New versions, constant Magento 2 updates, have us improving the extension and make sure everything runs smoothly on every Magento 2 version. That’s why we charge to technical assistance and cannot provide it for free at the moment.

About extension license

  • The extension license is purchased for lifetime. Support period only allows you to ask for technical assistance and get access to the latest versions of the extension. Otherwise, you can use the extension unlimited time.
  • Single extension license for single live Magento 2 installation. With the license purchased, you are eligible to install the extension on a single live Magento 2 installation. You are not limited with store views, domains and multistore as long as you are running everything within a single Magento 2 installation.
  • Any number of development instances and development Magento 2 installations. When developing the store and testing the extension you are not limited with the development instances. Use whatever versions you need to test the functionality you require. The only limitation is a single live Magento 2 installation.
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