The Ultimate Magento 1 Developer’s Resource List

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The best websites about Magento 1

If you are new to Magento, I recommend you to check this ultimate Magento 1 developer resource list. Below, I provide three groups of resources: for Magento newbies, beginners, and developers.

The Ultimate Magento 2 Developer Resource List


Everything you need to know about Magento is described in the “Magento DIY. The complete Guide” book, which covers such important aspects as SEO, performance, and security. It teaches how to run a successful marketing campaign and create a top-notch user experience. Furthermore, “Magento DIY” shows how to get all Enterprise-level features on the basis of the Community Edition platform and implement opportunities which are not available in both editions out-of-the-box. For further information about the book, examine the link below:

Magento DIY. The complete Guide

DIY Guide to Magento

How to start learning Magento, if you are a newbie

First of all, you should be familiar with PHP. If you don’t know this programming language, check this blog post on Firebear: How To Become A PHP Developer. It includes guides, learning platforms, and all major books. This information will help to get deep insights into the programming language vital for your Magento development. After learning PHP, you can start the next section.

The best resources about Magento 1

What should you read as a beginner

If you are a PHP coder, skip the first step and check this Learning Magento Development list. It consist of useful links divided into 3 categories: Magento Development Resources, Helpful Magento Websites, and Magento Developers on Social Media. Some of them are:

Real Magento Community

Advanced collections of Magento resources on GitHub by Alessandro Ronchi (aleron75) and Ben Marks.

For those interested in Magento books, there is an appropriate post on the Firebear blog: Best Magento Books 2016.  It includes all the latest works related to the Magento platform. Additionally, you can check the Magento Fundamentals course on tuts+. Gain enough experience and try to pass the Certification exam – this is the next step in your Magento development.

How to become a certified Magento developer

If you are looking for Magento certification resources, pay attention to:The best resources about Magento 1

They will be helpful for your further growth as a Magento coder. Getting a certification is a serious step in your programmer career, so don’t hesitate to get new skills. With the exam, you will get a lot of theoretical knowledge, as well as vital experience.

Please note that there is a huge community around the Magento platform, so you can easily find aid on various forums at every stage of your learning. Don’t be shy and ask questions: the community is always friendly and there are tons of other coders willing to help you.

Other useful links:

  • Security Advisories Database – a source of security vulnerabilities.
  • Nomad Mage – a virtual user group for Magento developers that help coders to keep learning and growing professionally. Works on a monthly basis and gathers the best speakers in the community.