The Best Java Frameworks

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 Frameworks for Java development

Below, we describe the best Java Frameworks which can significantly improve your development. Spring MVC, JSF, Vaadin, and other useful tools are mentioned in the following blog post.

The best Java CMS

Please note that there are frameworks aimed at both newbies and experienced coders; all of them have unique features and provide wide opportunities for every developer.

Spring MVC

Spring MVC is an outstanding open-source Java based framework which perfectly performs along with DispatcherServlet. If you want to create a successful enterprise, this one may actually play a crucial role in its formation. As you can see the data demonstrated on the graphics below, other framework users quite frequently utilize Spring MVC as well. Since it’s widely used we can come up to the conclusion that it is worth applying it. Even if you are a novice in web-application development or already an experienced developer, Spring MVC provides you with a huge variety of tutorials and guides for you to get a profound understanding on how to do things right. Besides, its amazing flexibility and portability make the framework extremely attractive, since applications based on Spring MVC run everywhere JVM does. Last but not least, there is one more thing developers prefer using it – the combination of high performance and simplicity which makes the framework invaluable.

Frameworks for Java development: Spring MVC

JSF (JavaServer Faces)

Having covered Spring MVC, we certainly can’t help touching upon its runner-up. Hence, I suggest talking about another leading framework, called JSF. Logically, we’ve got a question “what should we use it for?”. To start with, I would like to say that the framework is deliberately devised to develop a nice user side interface, at the same time making this process simple and time-saving. Currently, JSF is gaining momentum, constantly attracting new users, as it possesses all necessary features to satisfy enterprises. Besides, the framework is quite flexible, as it allows you to render applications so that you could run them on Java EE as well.

Frameworks for Java development: JavaServer Faces


Vaadin is the third Java based framework representative which in fact is based on GWT (google web toolkit). In essence, Vaadin is widely utilized by a great diversity of developers, for it allows you to kill 2 birds with one stone, being really good at server and client side development. Vaadin performance will definitely appeal to you, since with its assistance you are able to create a contemporary and attractive interface for your applications.

Frameworks for Java development: Vaadin


Google web toolkit is an apache licensed java based framework that features high performance and specializes in front-end application development. Even though, we all have noticed its diminished rates on the market, which actually boils down to security. Therefore, if you combine it with an impeccable security framework, such as Spring MVC, you will acquire a huge benefit from it.

Frameworks for Java development: GWT

However, before I go on covering other top Java based frameworks, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that lots of developers utilize the strongest features of each aforementioned framework, making an incredibly powerful combination. I therefore, recommend you doing the same, provided you want to make the most, of course.

Frameworks for Java development


If you are looking for a java-based framework which combines such relevant features as simplicity and productivity, Grails is exactly what you need. Apart from it, Grails comprises extremely powerful APIs and provides you with a great opportunity to utilize coding by convention. Moreover, it may be easily integrated with the Java Virtual Machine, therefore it cannot help appealing to you.

Frameworks for Java development: Grails


Despite the fact, Play is a “bilingual” framework which is widely used by Java as well as Scala users, it features simplicity, minimal resource consumption and solidity. With its assistance, you will be able to create modern web applications in a time-efficient way. Besides, Play provides lots of tutorials which will definitely come in handy when it comes to developing.

Frameworks for Java development: Play


The framework with such wide boarders, including support for diverse programming languages concurrently featuring state-of-art mobile, web and enterprise apps development, easily gets a developer’s attention. In spite of the aforementioned facts, it is quite simple in its usage. Actually, Vert.x bills itself as a great tool-set for developing reactive applications on Java Virtual Machine. Therefore, you will find it amusing, fast and unique.

Frameworks for Java development: Vert.x


Dropwizard is a great choice provided you are looking for a high-performance, lightweight and adequately rapid Java based framework. In fact, an out-of-the-box package already includes support for logging, operational tools application metrics and so on. Even though, it doesn’t feature a powerful backend building, it still attracts lots of users, providing a favorable environment for ops-friendly and RESTful web service development.

Frameworks for Java development: Dropwizard


When it comes to Spark, we can certainly state that its fast development features, combined with high-performance and simplicity, makes it suitable for rapid and small web apps development. It’s been noticed that the framework is commonly utilized with AngularJS. Minimal efforts – outstanding results.

Frameworks for Java development: Spark


Ninja is a fast and solid Java framework which is based on highly developed platforms. In fact, the framework features productivity, high-performance and scalability, making Ninja attractive to web-developers.

Frameworks for Java development: Ninja

So, having touched upon the Java based frameworks mentioned above, we’ve got lots of resources. Therefore, we should make the most of this post and start implementing our projects right away. Don’t lose your time.