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10 Best Books To Master Java

- Fire development

Best Java Books

Taking into account the fact that nowadays we find ourselves in a world that is constantly developing at a fast pace, and being up to date of all the recent novelties in the domain of programming means barely everything, we decided to enumerate the best 10 Java books that will help you improve your programming skills. If you have never had experience in programming, this article is also for you since it lists some books that can assist you to become a Java developer within a short period of time. In order to provide an objective opinion on the following books, we provide some reviews on the content quantity as well as its relevancy. Continue Reading

15 Best Java Ecommerce Platforms and CMS

- E-Commerce

Java Ecommerce

We all know that the best ecommerce platform is Magento, but this knowledge doesn’t prevent us from discovering new solutions that simplify online retail. The Internet is full of alternative tools utilized by the best ecommerce sites, and in this post you will find the most prominent Java ecommerce platforms and CMS. Continue Reading

Node.js vs Java

- Node.js

Node.js and Java

You must have noticed that due to recent discussions over Node.js competitiveness, we have been comparing it to other programming languages to find out what contemporary developers should learn and subsequently work with. Therefore, we have made up our mind to talk about advantages of creating web-applications with the assistance of Node.js and Java. Continue Reading

The Best Java CMS

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Java-based content management systems

Java is a computer programming language used for a general purpose which is simultaneous, object-oriented, based on classes, and properly elaborated to include as less dependencies of implementation as possible. Its principal advantage is it allow application developers to “write once and run anywhere”, basically it means that compiled Java code can be launched on different platforms which cooperate with Java, and it doesn’t require you to recompile the code. Java apps are generally compiled to bytecode which can be run on diverse Java virtual machine (JVM) despite their computer architecture. In 2015, Java is considered to be one of the leading languages, peculiarly for client-server web-apps, besides it counts approximately 9 million developers involved in working with Java. Originally, the language was invented by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems and introduced in 1995 as the main component of Java platform. In fact, a part of its syntax is derived from C and C++, however, it is much better developed. Below, we will tell you about core Java principles, the best CMS, and key requirements. Continue Reading