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How to Export Products, Orders, Customers, & Other Magento 2 Entities to Remote FTP & SFTP Server

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Unfortunately, Magento 2 doesn’t provide any opportunities to export products, orders, customers, or other Magento 2 entities to a remote FTP or SFTP server. You have to run a standard export procedure instead and transfer the output manually. Besides, it is impossible to automate this process. The system leaves you in a situation when it is necessary to repeat all its steps manually every time an update is required. Luckily, there is a better way of achieving this goal. As you’ve probably guessed, it involves a third-party solution. In our example, we use the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension to export products, orders, customers, and other Magento 2 entities to a remote FTP/SFTP server. It also lets you import all entities from this file source. Continue Reading

Magento Security Ultimate Guide

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Ultimate Guide to Magento Security

Thousands of Magento websites have been hacked recently. Luckily, there are several useful methods designed to fix the current problems. If your e-commerce website is insecure, then you should hurry up to prevent the undesirable consequences. If your store is affected, it is also important not to delay the solution of the problem. In the post below, we gathered all important information about Magento security issues, which will be useful in both cases.

Magento critical security patches SUPEE-5994, SUPEE-5344, SUPEE-1533 (Shoplift) (all official Magento security patches) Continue Reading