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Amasty Custom Reports Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 Custom Report Builder by Amasty

Collecting data related to store performance and customer behavior is very important for any ecommerce site. By analyzing information about your store visitors and their interactions with your website, you can better understand how to improve your products or services and where to reach your potential customers. If you run your business on Magento 2, the default reports available with the platform might not be enough for having a complete view of the efficiency of your operations.

Amasty offers a robust solution for complementing the missing features of basic reports – the Magento 2 Custom Reports extension. The Amasty module allows building various types of reports based on essential data and using them for comprehensive store performance analytics. Below, we provide an overview of the core features of the Amasty Magento 2 Custom Reports Builder.
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Magento 2 Gift Card Extensions

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 Gift Card Modules

In the following post, you will find the best Magento 2 gift card extensions available in the ecosystem. Many vendors are offering this functionality in their modules. Below, you can check the most reliable tools. For each Magento gift certificates solution, we provide an overview of core features. For further information, check the full review or proceed right to the official extensions’ pages. Continue Reading

How to Import & Export Data Between Magento 2 & Google Drive

- E-Commerce, Magento 2, Our extensions

Magento 2 Google Drive Import Export

As long as we run this blog, more and more improvements to the default functionality of the Magento platform will be revealed. And today, we are going to describe how to enhance the standard import and export processes with the ability to synchronize your e-commerce website with any partners using Google Drive. Since everyone has access to the popular file storage, this improvement will be handy. The following article sheds light on how to import and export entities between Magento 2 and Google Drive. Of course, the enhancement is impossible if you use the default Magento 2 tools, but it is not an unsolvable problem. And below, we show how to synchronize and automate data exchanges on the basis of Google Drive.

In the following article, you will find a brief overview of the Magento 2 Google Drive integration. After that, we shed light on the general facts related to transferring data between our favorite e-commerce platform and the popular file storage. You will learn how to choose a proper import and export solution for your Magento 2 Google Drive data synchronization

Next, we proceed to the core steps of the integration preparation. You will discover how to install Google API libraries and get Google Drive API credentials. After that, the article focuses on establishing a connection between Magento 2 and Google Drive. We describe how to configure a Service Account and share a Google Drive folder. The next chapters are dedicated to the configuration of import and export jobs for Magento 2 and Google Sheets integration and exploring use cases. Since the integration incorporates Improved Import & Export, you will also find its features described below.

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MageWorx Gift Cards Extension for Magento 2 and 1

MageWorx Magento 2 Gift Card Extension

Offering gift cards on an online store is a great marketing solution that helps increase customer engagement and promote an ecommerce brand. Allowing online shoppers to buy and use gift cards and certificates will certainly generate extra profits, particularly during the holiday season.

With the help of the MageWorx Gift Cards Extension, you can make the gift-giving process more comfortable by introducing the ability to purchase gift cards right on your ecommerce website. The extension supports physical and online gift card types (we will describe them below), provides flexible pricing schemes & values, and offers full backend control. You can create an optimized and user-friendly gift-giving process on your Magento store by providing a wide choice of gift cards and pricing options.

The whole section of this post is dedicated to the module’s admin interface and sheds light on Magento 2 gift card configuration, but let’s have a look at the tool’s features first.

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How to Import And Export Magento 2 Page Builder Data

Magento 2 Page Builder Data Import Export

In the following article, we shed light on what Magento 2 Page Builder is and how to import/export all Page Builder data. Since you cannot transfer anything to/from the tool via default Magento 2 instruments, it is necessary to install a third-party extension. Below, we shed light on the most intuitive and easy-to-use solution aimed at recreating the missing functionality. Meet the Improved Import & Export extension. With its help, you will be able to import and export Page Builder-related information to and from Magento 2 most efficiently.

As for the blog post below, it unveils the most important facts about Magento 2 Page Builder. You will learn about its drag and drop functionality, grid system, visual effects, flexible integrations, products, instant previews, schedules, etc. Besides, there is a technical introduction to the tool and a brief description of Bluefoot CMS as the foundation of Magento 2 Page Builder. After that, the article focuses on how to import and export data to/from Magento 2 Page Builder. Since the process incorporates the Improved Import & Export extension, you will also find its features described in the blog post.
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How to import data from SAP ASE (Sybase) database to Magento 2

Magento 2 SAP ASE Sybase Data Import

What if a vital data update is stored within the SAP Adaptive Server database but you need to transfer it to your Magento 2 website? The default tools built into your e-commerce store are useless if you need to create a direct connection. The same is about most third-party tools. So, how to move the crucial information to your e-commerce store most efficiently? Below, you will find the answer. We describe a common way of importing SAP ASE bases into Magento 2 and then compare it with a more user-friendly approach.

The common way of moving SAP ASE tables into Magento 2 is a complex procedure that consists of several steps. First of all, you need to perform a CSV export from the Sybase SQL server. We describe this process in the dedicated step-by-step guide below. Next, you need to map third-party attributes to Magento 2 records. After that, it is possible to import an SAP ASE table into Magento 2. You will find the pros and cons of this approach below.

As for the easy way of moving Sybase SQL server bases into Magento 2, it is way more straightforward since it involves Improved Import & Export. You provide the connection parameters and configure other aspects of your data transfer. That’s it! Let’s explore each step of both procedures in more detail and compare two approaches side by side.
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How to Import & Export Newsletter Subscribers in Magento 2

Let’s suppose that you run an online business with lots of newsletter subscribers but want to move them to a brand new Magento 2 website. Although Magento 2 doesn’t let you do that with the help of its default import and export tools, there is a solution that enables the desired functionality. Meet the Improved Import & Export extension. With its help, you will freely import and export newsletter subscribers in Magento 2.

In the following article, we focus on how to manage newsletter subscribers in Magento 2. You will also discover the conditions you should create prior to importing subscriber data to your e-commerce website. Besides, we explain how to create a table with attributes repeated to newsletter subscribers. And of course, there is a guide on how to move newsletter subscribers from Magento 1 to Magento 2. If you are going to migrate from your old e-commerce website to a brand new one, you’ve come to the right place. The general details about Magento 2 newsletter subscribers’ import and export are also gathered below.
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Magento 2 Gift Card Extension by Aheadworks

AheadWorks Gift Card Magento 2 Extension Review; AheadWorks Gift Card Magento Module Overview

In the following post, we describe a flexible tool for crafting gift cards. The Magento 2 Gift Card extension by Aheadworks lets you add both physical and virtual gift cards to your catalog. It is possible to use a custom design for all gift cards crafted with the module. Furthermore, your buyers can add personal messages to the cards they purchase on your website. Also, due to a gift code grid, you can track all issued cards and their usage right in the Magento admin. Below, we review the core features of the Magento 2 Gift Card module by Aheadworks and show its backend and frontend interfaces. If you are interested in similar solutions, check Amasty Gift Card Extension for Magento 2 and 1.
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Magento 2 Import: How To Fix ‘Value For Attribute Contains Incorrect Value’ Error

Magento 2 Development; Magento 2 tutorial

In the following article, you will discover a universal algorithm for solving Magento 2 errors caused by incorrect attribute values. We focus on the ‘Value For Attribute Contains Incorrect Value’ issue to illustrate the entire scope of problems merchants usually face. 

Let’s assume that your import file contains multiple products with numerous attributes, each of which follows the strict Magento requirements. However, there is a record with invalid values. As a result, the error mentioned above displays. It doesn’t let you transfer the entire table with product data.

Below, you will find out how to address this problem. Furthermore, we also shed light on how to prevent it and avoid unpleasant situations with your future data updates. Since our solution incorporates the Improved Import & Export module, you will discover its features below. Besides, we elucidate how to prevent other import issues with the help of our plugin. If you are looking for a more specific case of this issue, check this article: Value For Status Attribute Contains Incorrect Value: How To Fix Error During Magento 2 Import.
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Invalid Option Value: How To Fix Magento 2 Import Error

Magento 2 Development; Magento 2 tutorial

Below, we explore another common problem that prevents Magento 2 import processes. No matter whether you’ve faced the Invalid Option Value Error or not but it may occur when you import a configurable product with many options. Below, we study two cases and provide several resolutions to the issue. Firstly, we explain a situation when it is impossible to save changes in a configurable product due to its custom options. Secondly, you will peruse a case when a user cannot import a configurable product from a CSV file. After that, the article sheds light on a time-consuming resolution provided in a StackExchange discussion. Since we also know how to address the issue, you will find several tips on how to manage configurable products with numerous custom options. Besides, we describe an enhanced import procedure that incorporates the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension.
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