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Exploring Magento 2 Oracle NetSuite ERP Integration: Transactions

Magento 2 Oracle NetSuite ERP Integration: Transactions

Below, you will find a new chapter of our guide to connecting Magento 2 to Oracle NetSuite ERP. Being a part of the Exploring Magento 2 Oracle NetSuite ERP Integrationseries, this article sheds light on the Transactions section of the ERP’s admin as well as describes how to synchronize the corresponding data with your e-commerce website. Scroll down, and you will see how the Transactions section of Oracle NetSuite looks. After exploring the backend, we will teach you how to synchronize the flow of transactions between Magento 2 and Oracle NetSuite ERP. Continue Reading

Exploring Magento 2 Oracle NetSuite ERP Integration: Activities

Below, we explore how to connect Magento 2 to Oracle NetSuite ERP. This article is a part of our new series Exploring Magento 2 Oracle NetSuite ERP Synchronization where we explore the admin of the ERP system as well as shed light on how to synchronize its parts with your e-commerce website. Below, you will discover how the Activities section of Oracle NetSuite looks. Besides, the article also provides ideas on how to synchronize Magento 2 and Oracle NetSuite ERP regarding this and other sections. Continue Reading

SAP ERP Central Component (SAP ECC) Magento 2 Integration

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Magento SAP ERP Integration

We’ve recently described the Magento 2 SAP integration as well as posted articles related to more specific cases (Magento 2 SAP Business One Integration and Magento 2 SAP S/4HANA Integration). As for the following guide, it is dedicated to SAP ECC – an enterprise resource planning software developed by the famous German company. SAP ERP Central Component is an on-premises ERP system that is commonly referred to as simply “SAP ERP.” To avoid possible confusion, we need to declare that Magento 2 SAP ERP or Magento 2 SAP ECC integration are the same things in the context of this article. Below, we review the most popular ways of connecting Magento to the popular enterprise resource planning system as well as shed light on the core nuances of SAP ERP. Continue Reading

Taymiya – open source PDF management

- E-Commerce

Taymiya is new open source project to manage PDF Files inside Oro Tech , B2B platform CRM PIM or ERP is technologies that need manage order quote and contact …. by creating a PDF format files , Taymiya give the ability to build Business documents and organize templates for get PDF, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoices and other. Continue Reading

Best B2B E-Commerce Platforms

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B2B Platforms for Creating a E-Commerce Website

It’s not enough to have an ordinary website to run a successful online business, especially B2B business. Despite the popular opinion, that B2C companies are more customer orientated than their B2B counterparts (they really have vider target audience and more customers), ordinary B2B website always has more strict requirements, caused by the specifics of business to business relations. Even the abilities to communicate with customers and manage sales logistics are not enough to push your B2B organization to new heights. That’s why you should pay your attention to the best B2B e-commerce platforms listed below. Additionally, we’ve gathered information about different e-commerce software for B2B business, and advices on how to choose the right solution. And don’t forget to check our posts about B2B e-commerce trends and B2B Magento extensions. Continue Reading

The Best Drop Shipping Extensions for Magento

Drop shipping is a special retail fulfillment method in which the retailer doesn’t keep goods in stock. Instead he transfers customer orders to the wholesaler (in some cases, manufacturer), who ships goods directly to customers. As a result, the retailer merchant never handles the product. Drop shipping is easy to get started and requires much less capital than other retail methods. The other benefits are quite low overhead expenses, wide selection of products, reduced risks, location independence and high scalability.

Drop Shipping Magento Extension

Magento 2 Drop Shipping Extensions

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Customer relationship management (CRM) Magento integration

Customer relationship management (or CRM) is a system, which manages company’s interactions with both current and future customers. CRM’s spheres of influence include marketing, sales, customer services, and technical support. Customer relationship management involves using different technologies and techniques to organize, synchronize and automate all the aforementioned activities. To integrate CRM system into your Magento e-commerce store, you just need to install one of the following CRM Magento integration extensions and modules.

CRM Magento integration extensions and modules

Customer relationship management (CRM) Magento 2 integration

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) System Magento Integration

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is a set software tools for business management. Usually, it is a suite of integrated applications, that an enterprise or a company can use for data collection, storage, management and interpretation. ERP covers core business processes in real-time. Such business resources as raw materials, cash, production capacity and stocks are tracked in ERP system. It also monitors the status of business commitments: payroll, orders and purchase orders. With ERP system you can turn your Magento store into more robust and profitable business unit.

erp magento

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