Reasons to choose Improved Import and Export extension for Magento 2

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There are numerous extensions that can help you manage your import and export procedures. Some extensions offer speed, other custom logic, third offer both.
In this article we will talk why you should choose Improved Import and Export extension. How can it help you create a dropshipping solution and help you manage stock, customer and order updates.

Improved Import and Export extension for Magento 2 is a multi-functional tool that usable both by merchants and development agencies. Each may find a functionality that reduces catalog and custom management time, saves money on building complex integrations with third-party management solutions and so on.

Below we have tried to gather basic value points each Magento 2 user can get by working with Improved Import and Export extension. The list contains basic points as the use cases are really unlimited and you can think of your own ways of using the extension.

Core reasons to choose Magento 2 Improved Import for merchants

Magento 2 merchants can benefit by reducing catalog and customer management time. The extension offers fully-functional interface that can be used without coding knowledge and without the need to use command line.

  1. Import and export any Magento 2 data using CSV, XML, JSON, Excel XLSX, OpenOffice ODS, Google Sheets.
  2. Available sources include: FTP/SFTP, URL, Dropbox, local file, SOAP and REST APIs
  3. Proven architecture and code by pioneers in M2 import. Used by hundreds of merchants and developers worldwide.
  4. Flexible Magento 2 attribute and table structure mapping to allow import of any file formats. XSLT transformation support for XML files.
  5. Dedicated customization module, 100% Open Code, comes with customization endpoints.
  6. All in one solution for any import, export and synchronization processes. Fully operational from Magento 2 administrator panel.

For development agencies

Development agencies using Improved Import and Export can cut project development costs winning more projects by streamlining import and export processes, getting fully functional M1 to M2 migration tool and a starting point for CRM and ERP system integration.

Learn about FireBear Studio partner program

The code of the extension is open and does NOT use ionCube protection. Additionally FireBear team offers a customization module which highlights the endpoints you can use for introducing new functionality to the extension.

  1. All in one import & export solution for all Magento 2 projects, store migration and drop-shipping solutions.
  2. Allows to leverage development time by providing development team with a complete import solution.
  3. Allows to save costs on custom integrations and importing custom data formats.
  4. Explicit documentation on Magento 2 import and export flows with sample files covering all use cases.
  5. Solution always up to date with latest Magento 2 versions and new features, well supported and maintained by FireBear.
  6. Special partnership deals and discounts for multiple project usage.
  7. Get any custom integration developed by Firebear based on Improved Import extension – save time and save big, get stable solution and support.

For Magento 2 small & medium businesses

Small and medium businesses can benefit by cutting the development costs using Improved Import and Export as a ready made solution for integration with suppliers and starting a dropshipping models.

  1. Easy to start business on M2 Open Source – save a lot of money and time on manual product and inventory maintenance.
  2. Save costs on custom development, get easy to use solution which operates from your Magento 2 backend and does not require spending on development.
  3. Free year of upgrades and support, then 150$ / year for updates, with no extra costs.
  4. No need having in-house developer for import, export and integrations. FireBear team can help you with any customizations.
  5. Update product catalog by connecting any number of suppliers with unlimited product amount.
  6. Manage Magento 2 inventory easy directly from Google Sheet or Dropbox shared files.

For Magento 2 enterprise and B2B

B2b and Magento 2 Cloud/Commerce store owners can reduce the supplier-integration development costs, reduce catalog management time and cut down the expenses on Product Information Management (PIM) by using Google Sheets a collaboration tool.

  1. The extension is open code, compatible with Magento 2 Cloud and M2 B2B.
  2. Supports big data sets, can handle millions of products. No data size limitations.
  3. Complex REST & SOAP API integrations can be easily done via Magento 2 administrator panel.
  4. Easy customization to support any B2B specific entities and flows.
  5. Build custom integration with any CRM, ERP, PIM systems easy.

For Magento 2 dropshipping

Improved Import and Export solution is a great starting point for dropshipper integrations. The extension supports REST and SOAP APIs allowing for calls in XML and Json formats, and can accept different payloads. Furthermore, with attribute and separator mapping you can be sure that the data you get properly mapped with Magento 2 default attributes and values.

  1. Full circle drop shipping integration with major providers, no custom development required.
  2. Import products, stock, tracking. Export orders and customer data. Keep process fully automated without in-house developer.
  3. Get custom suppliers data imported from CSV, XML, Excel, JSON or REST and SOAP API.
  4. Flexible price modifications system to adjust prices of imported products during import.
  5. No transaction and sale fees, fixed one time costs only for integration.

What can you do with Improved Import if you are a development agency

How and when use the extension and how can it help your clients

Default Magento 2 Enterprise (Commerce) and Community (Open Source) import is not flexible enough for complex data transfers. It is only usable for simple tasks of importing products from one Magento 2 to another.

It doesn’t support custom file types, it is not suitable for integration with third-party software and is lacking in general. When using default Magento 2 import and export you have to find instructions which M2 guide lacks terribly, get into the import process and only then proceed with building the solution.

Improved Import and Export extension allows you to cut down development time, provides you with guides on every import entity and helps establishing connections with third-party software for your clients.

Here is just a small bunch of customer requests that can be fulfilled with only Improved Import and Export extension:

  1. Import products and customer data from various distributed sources to Magento 2.
  2. Import files with various formatting and data which has to be mapped and adopted for Magento 2.
  3. Merchant has multiple sources of inventory and products and wants to have them synchronized with Magento 2.
  4. Merchant wants to export orders, products and customers data into custom formats to fit management software.
  5. Products price and other attributes should be modified on the fly and processed per client needs.
  6. Magento 2 needs to be integrated with old ERP / CRM / PIM / ESB systems in both ways – synchronize products and send orders and customers data.
  7. PIM (Product Information Management) is really simple with Google Sheets. You can have a team of content managers working weekly with a single Google Sheet filling in the description attribute of the product. And automatically import this Sheet every week. It is a ready-made PIM solution.
  8. Product import and export should be scheduled with possibility of manual execution.

Solutions provided by Improved Import & Export for M2

  1. Import any type of data to Magento 2: CSV, XML, JSON, Excel XLSX, OpenOffice ODS formats from SFTP, URL, Dropbox, REST API, SOAP API, GraphQL. Export M2 products, orders, customers and other data to all those formats and sources.
  2. Let the extension and Firebear team take over import and integrations parts of your M2 project. Focus on UX, conversion and building the store for your clients.
  3. No need building dedicated importers for various sources and data – use import jobs architecture with individual set of import format, source, mapping and other settings.