How to improve checkout & add to cart speed in Magento

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increasing checkout and add to cart speed

Despite you can cache static cms pages, like products and categories, using Full Page Cache along with a fast backend cache storage, such as Redis or Memcached, you will still have slow dynamic pages. Thus, it is vital to increase checkout and add to cart speed in your Magento setup. There are also problems related to PHP / web server, which slow down your website. Below, I’ll teach you how to improve default performance, making your customers loyal to your brand. Continue Reading

The Best Node.js Hosting Solutions

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Node.js Hosting solutions for fast and easy development

Today I am going to talk about Node.js – an open source environment optimised for easy building. Since Node.js is going to be among key coding trends of the nearest future, I’ve decided to describe this platform through a series of blog posts on Firebear.

Being built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime, Node.js offers the ability to create scalable network apps with high performance. Due to an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, the platform is both lightweight and efficient. Thus, Node.js is a perfect solution for data-intensive apps that run across distributed devices in real time. Of course, Node.js requires a hosting environment, that’s why I’ve created this list of hosting solutions optimized for the platform.

The Ultimate Node.js Tutorial

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The Ultimate Magento 1 Developer’s Resource List

The best websites about Magento 1

If you are new to Magento, I recommend you to check this ultimate Magento 1 developer resource list. Below, I provide three groups of resources: for Magento newbies, beginners, and developers.

The Ultimate Magento 2 Developer Resource List


Everything you need to know about Magento is described in the “Magento DIY. The complete Guide” book, which covers such important aspects as SEO, performance, and security. It teaches how to run a successful marketing campaign and create a top-notch user experience. Furthermore, “Magento DIY” shows how to get all Enterprise-level features on the basis of the Community Edition platform and implement opportunities which are not available in both editions out-of-the-box. For further information about the book, examine the link below:

Magento DIY. The complete Guide

DIY Guide to Magento

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Social shopping

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Social shopping in ecommerce

In this post we dedided to clarify what social shopping is. In essence, it is an e-commerce and social media combination which consists in engaging customers’ aqcuaintances in shopping experience and endevouring to imitate brick-and-mortar shops. Since nowadays we find ourselves in a intensive mobile device development age, this particular topic is becoming more and more relevant. Social media has been performing a huge impact on the way people shop and It’s stated that in 2015 e-retail sales will face 17% increase. Continue Reading

Google Trusted Stores and Trusted Shops for Magento

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Google Trusted Stores and Trusted Shops Magento Integration

The issue of trust means a lot to ecommerce, because Internet shopping does not let customers to actually hold a product in their hands or see the results of your services in real life until they pay for them. Moreover, even if you can prove the quality of your goods and services, there are still questions left, such as:

  • How good are your shipping services?

  • How fair are the shipping costs?

  • Is there a reliable purchase protection?

  • What are the conditions of purchase return?

…and many more.

Google Trusted Stores and Trusted Shops for Magento 2

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The Best Java CMS

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Java-based content management systems

Java is a computer programming language used for a general purpose which is simultaneous, object-oriented, based on classes, and properly elaborated to include as less dependencies of implementation as possible. Its principal advantage is it allow application developers to “write once and run anywhere”, basically it means that compiled Java code can be launched on different platforms which cooperate with Java, and it doesn’t require you to recompile the code. Java apps are generally compiled to bytecode which can be run on diverse Java virtual machine (JVM) despite their computer architecture. In 2015, Java is considered to be one of the leading languages, peculiarly for client-server web-apps, besides it counts approximately 9 million developers involved in working with Java. Originally, the language was invented by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems and introduced in 1995 as the main component of Java platform. In fact, a part of its syntax is derived from C and C++, however, it is much better developed. Below, we will tell you about core Java principles, the best CMS, and key requirements. Continue Reading

Magento PCI Compliance

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How to make Magento PCI CompliantIf your business requires accepting credit cards, and we know that every ecommerce store does that, it must be in compliance with payment card industry (PCI) standards. Why is it necessary? In the post below, I provide answer to this question, as well as describe how to maintain PCI compliance for your Magento website.

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The Best Free Blogging Extensions for Magento

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Magento Blog

Adjusting your website for a blog is useful due to several reasons. Firstly, you make it possible for your customers to not only buy but also discover something new on your store. This creates additional reason to visit the website more often. Secondly, you convert your website into a well-formed source of information, which makes you even more reliable for search engines. Finally, if you share interesting information with your customers, you will definitely improve your conversion rates and increase the level of your audience loyalty.

The Best Blogging Extensions for Magento 2

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Google Buy Button

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Purchase on Google buttonLast month, Google has announced a new feature called Purchases on Google. Probably, this new little addition will drastically change ecommerce. Of course, we still don’t have enough information for making precise predictions, but a dramatic impact of the new feature seems quite realistic especially after the implementation of Mobilegeddon. So why are we so excited about Purchases on Google? Let’s shed light on the nature of the improvement to answer the question. Continue Reading