Magento 2 Extensions For European Union (taxes, shipping, payment, laws, etc)

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Magento 2 Extensions For European Union

The importance of ecommerce constantly grows worldwide and especially in Europe. Since more and more customers choose online purchases, the new sector gains its influence on the European economy. Besides, the growing number of online enterprises creates a lot of new jobs. These and other factors turn ecommerce into a leverage of the European market. So, it is not surprising that there are Magento 2 extensions aimed at adopting the platform for the conditions of the European Union. We gathered the most useful Magento 2 European Union extensions in this post.

The following Magento European Union modules are already available for 1.X, so they should be released for 2.0 soon:

Other Magento European Union extensions are gathered here: Must Have Magento Extensions For The Successful And Valid E-Commerce Store For European Union Countries (taxes, shipping, payment, laws, etc)