Magento 2 Essential Video Training

- Magento 2

Among many different e-commerce solutions, Magento 2 is known because of very advanced functionality from the box and solidity that allows business to expand smoothly and don’t care too much about the backend side. Thousands of enterprises trust Magento 2, and they could not be wrong. However, such advanced functionality and solidity have a so-called side effect. Magento 2 is pretty complicated for new users, and they usually spend a lot of efforts to understand how the things work. And the problem here is not with the Magento 2 interface which is built based on the best UX/UI experience and practices. The main thing here is that Magento 2 offers tons of different features, tools, and options, so it’s hard to understand where to start and how to get the core things configured in the right way. This common user problem has been addressed in excellent Magento 2 complete course which is called Magento 2 Essential Video Training. The training was made by Alex Kostritsa who spent a lot of hours working with the platform from the user standpoint. In the video training, Alex in a step-by-step manner explains how to work with Magento 2 and its features. This video training will be extremely useful for store admins, managers and other admin users who need to interact with Magento 2 on a regular basis but don’t want to invest too much time for learning by their own.

Training contains three main parts:

  • Chapter 1: In the first part you will learn how to get Magento 2 installed, what hosting is required and will learn how to fulfill Magento 2 with Demo products.
  • Chapter 2: Second chapter is about core Magento 2 features. The following subjects are addressed in this chapter: Products, Categories, Marketing, Taxes, Configuration and much more.
  • Chapter 3: Third and final chapter will help you to understand how to use Magento Marketplace and install themes, extensions and useful add-ons.

If you are looking for step-by-step Magento 2 tutorials, consider Magento 2 Essential Video Training!