How to improve checkout & add to cart speed in Magento

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increasing checkout and add to cart speed

Despite you can cache static cms pages, like products and categories, using Full Page Cache along with a fast backend cache storage, such as Redis or Memcached, you will still have slow dynamic pages. Thus, it is vital to increase checkout and add to cart speed in your Magento setup. There are also problems related to PHP / web server, which slow down your website. Below, I’ll teach you how to improve default performance, making your customers loyal to your brand.

One Step Checkout, PHP accelerators, Cache backend, and Indexing are among core improvements described in the passage. There are some reliable community advices, as well as the list of core modules to be disabled.

One Step Checkout

First of all, I’d like to draw your attention to One Step Checkout extensions, since they are much more user friendly than a default solution. There is an appropriate list of such modules on the Firebear blog ( The best free tool is One Step / Page Checkout by IWD (, the most reliable paid solution is One Step Checkout (  Having installed one of the aforementioned extensions, you will significantly increase time required for checkout.

All other improvements are described in the Magento DIY Complete Guide. The book will be ready soon, so don’t hesitate to subscribe on updates.

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