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Magento 2 Prisguiden Integration

Magento 2 Prisguiden Connector

If Norwegian market seems an attractive place for scaling your e-commerce business, don’t waste your chance to connect your Magento 2 store to Prisguiden – one of the biggest price comparison engine of the country. The following post discusses Magento 2 Prisguiden integration and proposes a reliable solution that will help you represent all your catalog on the platform within just a few clicks. Continue Reading

Magento 2 PriceSpy Integration

Magento 2 PriceSpy Connector

PriceSpy is another price comparison engine that operates in multiple countries. Being entirely oriented towards buyers, it is also a relatively user-friendly to merchants with such conditions as a forever-free usage, CPC model for featured sellers, intuitive merchant account, and full stats. The following post describes various nuances of the Magento 2 PriceSpy integration, but let’s say a few words about the platform first. Continue Reading

Magento 2 Polyvore Integration

Magento 2 Polyvore Connector

Being a new way to discover fashion, beauty, and home decor products, Polyvore introduces broad opportunities for e-commerce merchants who work in these segments. If you run a Magento 2 website, you can also leverage the platform, and below we shed light on how to establish the Magento 2 Polyvore integration in the easiest manner. This article will help you choose a reliable Magento 2 Polyvore connector. Besides, you will find recommendations concerning what extension to use. Continue Reading