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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Magento 2 Cron Configuration

- Magento 2

How to configure Cron in Magento 2

In the following article, we shed light on proper Magento 2 cron configuration. Below, you will find general advices about configuring and running cron, section related to component manager and system upgrade with cron, and a short troubleshooting guide. Continue Reading

Top Node.js REST API frameworks

- Node.js

REST API frameworks for Node.js

Being a software architectural style, REST provides the ability to increase the performance of your projects by introducing more maintainable architecture. If you are using a heavy MVC framework, but need to cope with a fast Node.js REST API server, then pay attention to Node.js REST API frameworks. The best solutions are described in the following post, and they offer the following advantages: Continue Reading

Magento 2 Composer Guide

- Magento 2

Magento 2 Composer

In this Magento 2 Composer guide, we will explain how to use the application-level package manager with the most popular ecommerce platform. Being inspired by Node.js npm, Composer provides a unified format that simplifies dependency management of PHP software. The usage of Composer in various Magento 2 projects is inevitable, because it is a part of the platform. You can run the package manager through the command line, installing dependencies for your modules. Besides, Composer provides the ability to install Magento 2 extensions available on Packagist (the repo is described below). Another important feature introduced in Composer is a set of autoload capabilities for libraries that essentially simplifies the usage of third-party software solutions. Continue Reading

Node.js Natural Language Processing Projects

- Node.js

Node.js NLP

Node.js offers enough resources to run various natural language processing projects taking the area of human-computer interaction to a new level. Node.js natural language processing mainly involves human language understanding. As a result, Node.js applications can derive meaning from the language input. Currently, there are 4 most prominent Node.js natural language processing projects in the ecosystem: retext, franc, leven, and natural. All of them are described below.   Continue Reading

17 Node.js Tools To Streamline Your Operations With File System

- Node.js

Node.js Filesystem Tools

Utilities described in this article will essentially improve your daily work with a file system. Below, you will find 17 time-tested Node.js filesystem tools, which are widely used within the community. If you are going to streamline routine tasks related to a file system, you’ve come to the right place. Additionally, we recommend you to check the 75 best Node.js command line apps and utilities. Continue Reading