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Monthly Archives: November 2015

The Most Useful AngularJS Tools

- Fire development

AngularJS Tools

AngularJS is a fully open-sourced JavaScript web app framework, one from a variety of new frameworks designed to improve JavaScript by speeding up development and reducing current requirements. It is supported by Google as well as a solid network of corporations and coders that deal with the problems and challenges of single-page applications. Thus, AngularJS is designed to simplify the creation of dynamic views in web apps as well as development and testing. Moreover, there are a lot of AngularJS tools that make these processes even more user friendly. Continue Reading

Conducting Magento Store Audit

- E-Commerce

Magento website Audit

In case of brick-and-mortar retail, store audit is an ​examination of ​information ​about the ​effectiveness of ​different parameters such as price, sales, or advertising campaign compared to ​any competitors or common standards. As for ecommerce in general and Magento in particular, this process is more complicated, since it consists of a wider number of variables that require different approach to calculation. Luckily, there are a lot of tools and materials, that can help you with a Magento store audit. The following guide offers a store audit checklist,  resources, and techniques necessary for running the procedure. Being useful for all kinds of Magento specialists and store owners, it teaches how to estimate efforts, collect information about your Magento website, and keep the installation clean and healthy. Continue Reading

Node.js -g parameter

- Node.js

Node.js tutorial

The following node.js tutorial explains the usage of a -g parameter. The Node.js -g parameter installs Node.js globally. It can be used within the command line utilities such as npm or commands that come from globally installed modules. Continue Reading