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"Node.js vs"

Node.js vs Java

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Node.js and Java

You must have noticed that due to recent discussions over Node.js competitiveness, we have been comparing it to other programming languages to find out what contemporary developers should learn and subsequently work with. Therefore, we have made up our mind to talk about advantages of creating web-applications with the assistance of Node.js and Java. Continue Reading

Node.js vs PHP

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What is better: Node.js or PHP?

Today, we are going to talk about world famous platforms such Node.js and PHP. We’ll try to find out which one is better by comparing their characteristics and outstanding features. However, before we get down to it, there are still some things we would like to shed light upon. Continue Reading

Node.js vs GO Language

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Node.js or GO?

Node.js is an open-source platform which is considered to be extremely popular among diverse enterprises due to its development speed, language homogeneity, modern features, simplicity and an enormous community. What I personally like about Node is its “universal approach”, by saying so I imply that the code can be read by both front and backend developers. Besides, it’s relatively easy to find a person who is good at JavaScript. Certainly, there is a great number of people who prefer using it because of its NPM availability, providing a well-devised infrastructure. However, taking into consideration all the characteristics mentioned above, obviously we wonder why some companies come to use GO rather than Node.js. What’s the matter? Continue Reading