How to Fix Webpack That Hangs Before Compilation (PWA Studio Issue)

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Magento 2 export CLI

In the following article, we provide tips on how to bring Magento PWA Studio back to life when a Javascript Webpack hangs before launching compilation. The problem only affects developers who work with the native PWA tools of Magento 2. If you are looking for more useful tips, check our Magento 2 Cookbook. Now, let’s focus on the reason why Webpack hangs without even starting compilation and on how to bring PWA Studio back to life. Continue Reading

How to Use Grunt in Magento 2

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Magento 2 Grunt tutorial

Grunt is a contemporary JavaScript task runner which essentially simplifies repetitive tasks by automating compilation, minification, linting, unit testing, etc. It can do most of the aforementioned routine processes with zero effort, you only have to configure the task runner through a Gruntfile. And while the purpose of the tool looks quite intriguing, its versatility is even more promising, since you can easily utilize it within all possible platforms and projects. Below, we will explain how to use Grunt with Magento 2. Continue Reading

The ecosystem of modern Javascript frameworks

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Let’s not draw this out into a lifetime special. Vue.js is one of the best JavaScript frameworks designed to help you create awesome interfaces as well as web applications of all complexities. Launched in 2013 it has largely remained a new kid on the block as compared to angular and React. However, it is gaining popularity of late as people realize it is one of the best JS frameworks to be used for single page applications as well as complex web interfaces.

Vue.js is a collection of tools and libraries that can be used to create applications that work on their own or can be integrated into existing systems seamlessly and without much glitches. Continue Reading

The Best 9 JavaScript Books

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Best Javascript Books

In this article, we suggest you taking a look at the best JavaScript books that might help you become a better JS developer. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced JS programmer or you have just started this journey, the books listed below are quite universal, therefore everybody is able to suck an advantage out of them.

Each book is unique and introduces its own approaches of mastering the JavaScript language, we encourage you to find out which one fits you the best to facilitate your studying process.

So, let’s get down to our JS books marathon. Continue Reading

Extendware Minify JS / CSS / HTML Magento Extension Review

Extendware Minify JS CSS HTML Magento Module Overview

JavaScript, CSS, and HTML minification is a process that will essentially speed up your ecommerce website. We’ve already described it in our Magento Performance Guide, and today we are going to introduce you to a reliable tool designed to perform the aforementioned actions. In addition to increased productivity, you will also get better search engine site rankings, conversion rate, and user experience. The Extendware Minify JS / CSS / HTML Magento extension achieves this goals by reducing page size, request count, bandwidth, and server load. You only have to install the module and configure a few options. Continue Reading

Best JavaScript Game Engines

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JS Engines for Games

JavaScript game engines is a hot topic today, since everyone’s building browser based games using JavaScript, WebGL and HTML5. The first reason why, is because of their platform independence, that means they can run on Android, iOS, Windows or any other. There is a wide range of resources available for building  browser based 3D games. In spite of that it is challenging to find the proper game engine. In this article we describe top best JavaScript 3D game engines that are available on the market today. Continue Reading

Node.js (Best CMS, E-Commerce systems, and Open Source projects)

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Node.js tutorial

Our Node.js tutorial includes all the important information about this runtime environment. It provides both theory and practical examples. Being an open source project, Node.js is developed to work on different platforms designed for server-side and networking apps. Talking about Node.js modules, we should mention that they are written in JavaScript. In their turn, Node.js apps can be run within the aforementioned runtime on such platforms as Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, NonStop, FreeBSD, and IBM i. Thanks to a non-blocking I/O API and an event-driven architecture, Node.js optimizes throughput and scalability of applications (often real-time web apps). It uses V8 JavaScript engine by Google for the code execution. Last but not least is an embedded library that allows apps to act as a Web server without Apache HTTP Server, IIS, or other similar software. Microsoft, Walmart, Yahoo!, Groupon, LinkedIn, PayPal are among prominent users of Node.js. But why do they use it? What is the main purpose of Node.js and what are the advantages?

The Ultimate Node.js Tutorial

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Magento 2 JavaScript Guide

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Custom JavaScript in Magento 2

It is necessary to mention RequireJS when it comes to JavaScript in Magento 2. The platform utilizes RequireJS for optimizing time necessary to load a page which contains JavaScript files. Besides, the RequireJS loader is used for managing JS resource dependencies and for customizing JavaScript in Magento 2. All the aforementioned processes are discussed in this Magento 2 JavaScript Guide through the following sections:

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