Best Tools For Hybrid Mobile Application Development

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Hybrid Mobile Application Development Tools

Sometimes we fail to realize that we can make our life easier and reduce the consumption of time to dramatical scale, and it all happens simply because we lack some knowledge about particular opportunities, but it doesn’t mean they do not exist. Therefore, the principal topic of today’s post is to figure out how hybrid mobile application development tools simplify the creation of apps and what kind of platforms we suggest using to develop them. Continue Reading

Typographic hierarchy in e-commerce: tips and examples

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Typographic hierarchy is an extremely important method of design. It is used for making information more readable, sorting text information by importance and helping with structure and usability of the design peace so the consumer could navigate through the piece easily, finding what he or she needs fast and easy.

e-commerce typographic hierarchy
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Magento 2 vs OpenCart

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Why Magento 2 is better than OpenCart

Most entrepreneurs are always trying to find out all pros and cons of every new tool they are going to utilize, and ecommerce platforms are not the exception. Since nowadays there are tons of available solutions, it is hard to decide which one deserves attention. Therefore, we are here willing to help you and in the following post will describe Magento 2 in comparison with its closest competitor OpenCart.  You can also find a more detailed comparison and the guide to the Magento 2 OpenCart migration here: How to Migrate from OpenCart to Magento 2 or Sync Data Between Them. Continue Reading

DIY SEO: Keyword Research 2016

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DIY Keyword Research

Most SEO companies and specialists will agree that keyword research is the foundation of SEO, which is impossible without keywords. While figuring out expectations and desires via search queries, your customers create combinations of words, which are extremely important to know and use in your texts if you are going to increase your current Google ranking. Even the best SEO tools will not optimize your website if you don’t utilize keywords, therefore we recommend you to examine the following article, which provides information related to keyword research in 2016. Continue Reading

Cross-Platform Application Development

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Cross-Platform Development tools

As a well known fact, our today’s world is changing, constantly trying to acquire new technologies, approaches, and attitudes. And the reason for that is the desire to satisfy the demands of the contemporary society. We can easily state that this is the era of computers and mobile devices which certainly has been affecting the modern business policy. Therefore, in this post we would like to touch upon cross-platform development tools, as an irreplaceable aspect of adapting to the current conditions of the market.

That is why, we sorted out 7 incredible representatives which will definitely captivate your attention by its amazing features and the ability to utilize web-application development tools. Continue Reading