Magento 2 CRO extensions

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Magento 2 CRO extensions, services, and tools

Any action a user can perform on your Magento 2 website becomes an element of its potential conversion rate. As a magento merchant, you have one main aim – make your customers do such actions. The more your visitors interact with your Magento 2 store, the better conversion rate you get. Consequently, conversion is a ratio of visitors that perform actions to their overall quantity. The higher conversion rate your website has, the better ecommerce results it shows, thus conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a vital improvement every Magento 2 website needs. Luckily, there are some Magento 2 CRO extensions and services designed to engage your customers and optimize your current conversion rate. Continue Reading

Magento Christmas Store: Preparing For Winter Holidays

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Magento Christmas Store: Preparing For Winter Holidays

Below, we will show you how to prepare your Magento website for Christmas and other winter holidays. Do you know that it is possible to use the Christmas time to improve your conversion rate and make your customers more loyal? The following post discusses visual changes as well as various performance and marketing improvements vital during the holiday season. And you can easily implement almost everything via appropriate Magento extension. Continue Reading

Improved CMS for Magento 2

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Magento 2 CMS

If you think that Magento 2 does not require any improvements related to CMS pages, you are mistaken. Although the default Magento 2 CMS is better that a similar solution available in 1.x, it still can be enhanced. You Magento 2 website needs not only effectively organized content, but also good looking blocks of information. Thus, you can revamp your ecommerce store with the aid of Magento 2 CMS extensions. Such Magento 2 modules are designed to gain maximum productivity from your routine related to organizing blocks of news, users’ comments, pictures of goods you sell, or all possible videos you are going to post on your Magento website. Continue Reading

15 POS Systems to Check Before Starting Your Retail Business

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According to Wikipedia, the point of sale (POS) is the time and place where a retail transaction is completed. The boiling point of every sale business, from small cafes to enormous online “all-in-one” marketplaces, POS is an important part of the sale process which should be supported by proper POS services today.

There is an enormous amount of POS systems and solutions covering all types of customers’ needs based on type of their stores, their amount and services they provide. Let’s cover some of the most popular POS services and mention several promising POS startups out there on the market.

Please note: the price for each POS system is calculated individually, based on the type of your store, their amount and emailed directly to you on private basis.

15 POS Systems to Check Before Starting Your Retail Business: Continue Reading

15 Best Java Ecommerce Platforms and CMS

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Java Ecommerce

We all know that the best ecommerce platform is Magento, but this knowledge doesn’t prevent us from discovering new solutions that simplify online retail. The Internet is full of alternative tools utilized by the best ecommerce sites, and in this post you will find the most prominent Java ecommerce platforms and CMS. Continue Reading

The Most Useful AngularJS Tools

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AngularJS Tools

AngularJS is a fully open-sourced JavaScript web app framework, one from a variety of new frameworks designed to improve JavaScript by speeding up development and reducing current requirements. It is supported by Google as well as a solid network of corporations and coders that deal with the problems and challenges of single-page applications. Thus, AngularJS is designed to simplify the creation of dynamic views in web apps as well as development and testing. Moreover, there are a lot of AngularJS tools that make these processes even more user friendly. Continue Reading