Magento 2 Cetec ERP Integration

Magento 2 Cetec ERP connector

Another ERP platform that helps to run businesses more efficiently is called Cetec. In the following article, we shed light on its features as well as describe the Magento 2 Cetec ERP integration. Furthermore, you will also find a Magento 2 Cetec ERP connector below.

Being a standard cloud ERP solution for small and medium businesses, Cetec has several outstanding advantages over competitors. It is developed with growing enterprises in mind, so you can not only scale the platform as your company grows but also leverage it to accelerate the growth. The ERP is robust, user-friendly, and proven by business practices. At the same time it is affordable, but let’s focus on other aspects first.

The Magento 2 Cetec ERP integration has several important goals. First of all, it glues all the miscellaneous things together. While some ERP systems stop at this point, Cetec goes much further by increasing the efficiency of your business. A single canned solution does everything you need. Just take a look at the following list of features:

  • CRM + Sales Management. Cetec not only provides a highly efficient CRM app, but it also integrates it with the appropriate sales management system, increasing the overall efficiency of both instances. As a result, you dramatically increase productivity since the ERP eliminates duplicate data entry, integration headaches, and additional time/cost expenditures.
  • Job Costing & Manufacturing Quoting. With this two tools, your sales team will always stay consistent providing better results at shorter periods of time. With the in-depth insights into all key metrics, you and your employees will achieve a new level of decision-making.
  • Order Fulfilment. Cetec satisfies the customer or internal product demands equally well. You can both track and fulfill orders with the highest possible speed since all the dull tasks are automated. Besides, the ERP satisfy multiple other demands and requirements making your interaction with orders a piece of cake.
  • MRP & Purchasing. The Magento 2 Cetec integration also enables you to streamline the procurement process. You no longer need to break head over complicated dependencies between multiple supply chains and various material needs. The system will help you make strategically right purchases optimizing the cash flow.

Magento 2 cetec erp Integration

  • Inventory. The ERP platform also offers a sophisticated inventory management system. The inventory tracking challenge becomes a user-oriented and intuitive routine right after you pass the Magento 2 Cetec integration.
  • Warehousing. All tasks related to warehouse management are not only simplified – your employees get an opportunity to do them on the go on mobile devices. Complexity is reduced; but at the same time, the ERP system stays powerful enough to solve even the most complicated problems of warehousing.
  • Scheduling. Work order scheduling will no longer squeeze you dry if you use Cetec. The ERP system provides all tools necessary for the most efficient planning. Thus, you can get the most out of the information regarding material and labor dependencies.
  • Document management. The integrated document management system is another crucial part of the Magento 2 Cetec ERP integration. With the corresponding platform’s tools, you will always keep your documents clean and well-organized decreasing the expenditures of time necessary to achieve the top-notch level of order.

These are the core features of Cetec. Many more competitive advantages and functionalities of the platform are described on the ERP’s official website. To make the long story short, we’d like to draw your attention to the Magento 2 Cetec ERP connector.

Magento 2 Cetec ERP Connector

We recommend you to use the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension as a Magento 2 Cetec ERP connector. Our module has several substantial benefits that will help you leverage multiple other integrations, turning your e-commerce store into a central hub or a control room where all data is synchronized. Advanced connectivity, scheduling, mapping, and fully automated data updates are among competitive advantages of the plugin. Let’s take a look at each one.

When it comes to the variety of connection standards, the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension, and as a result the Magento 2 Cetec connector, is an unprecedented leader in the whole ecosystem. The module not only incorporates multiple file formats but also allows you to avoid data file import/export processes replacing them with alternative data transfers.

As for supported file formats, neither Magento 2 nor most third-party connectors support many of them. The platform works with CSV by default. As for other extensions, they are usually limited to CSV and XML. Of course, both formats are widely used by most third-party systems, but you must admit that there are tools that will never work with these standards. Thus, you may face lots of problems converting CSV and XML files into the files of the required type. Luckily, the issue is eliminated with the Improved Import & Export module.

In addition to CSV and XML, our extension supports multiple more file formats. First of all, it allows importing/exporting TXT files. Besides, you can fully leverage the JSON format. Thus, seamless data transfers to/from Shopify are possible! And don’t forget about support for native Excel files! With the Magento 2 Cetec connector, you can effortlessly import/export XLS and XLSX sheets.

A broad selection of file sources is another competitive advantage of the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension. The module offers extensive support for FTP/SFTP resulting in the ability to import/export data files from/to your local server. At the same time, a remote server may be utilized for the same purpose. Alternatively, you can provide data of your Dropbox account to use it to transfer files. And when it comes to data import only, the Magento 2 Cetec connector allows uploading files to Magento 2 right from a direct URL. Note that all compressed data is unzipped/untarred automatically so that you no longer have to spend time on this process.

As for alternative ways of connection between platforms, they include Google Sheets and REST API. Both eliminate the use of data files moving information through the popular service or directly correspondingly. Please, contact our support regarding the Magento 2 Cetec ERP integration via REST API. As for the Google Sheets data transfer, it is illustrated below:

Magento 2 Google Sheet import

Now, when you are familiar with the vast connectivity opportunities of the Improved Import & Export extension, we’d like to draw your attention to features that dramatically improve the everyday experience related to the synchronization of two platforms. Our module is designed to automate data transfers entirely. To achieve this goal, it includes two robust instruments.

First of all, you can create a schedule for every import/export job (profile). Use the standard cron syntax to make any plan for data transfers. If you don’t want to deal with the standard cron syntax, it is possible to select one of the predefined intervals which can be customized as well. Note that you can also create profiles that can be run in a manual mode only. Asynchronous updates are possible with scheduled jobs as well. As a result, the Improved Import & Export extension offers flexible scheduling. The configuration of the corresponding section looks as follows:

Next, you can fully leverage the mapping interface of the Magento 2 Cetec connector to automate the updates even more. Different attributes cause the core issue of data transfers. The same parameter usually has different attributes in two systems. Even if one platform uses “colour” and another one – “colour_”, you cannot synchronize data between them without matching these two attributes.

In case of Magento or most third-party extensions, you should pass this time-consuming procedure every time a new update is required. Luckily, the Improved Import & Export extension incorporates slightly different principles. It allows you to create mapping schemes right in the module’s interface. The schemes are saved and applied automatically to every new update. Consequently, manual data files editing is eliminated. You need to match attributes as shown below:

At the same time, the extension provides pre-made presets. If your particular integration has one, you don’t even need to match attributes manually. Instead, it is only necessary to apply the required preset. This process is illustrated below. Please, contact our support regarding presets for the Magento 2 Cetec ERP integration.

Other features of the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension are described in the following video:

As for the Magento 2 Cetec connector, it is available as a part of the extension at no additional cost. Purchase the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 module to get the connector along with other free integrators. Follow the link below for further information:

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