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DIY SEO on Firebear

- E-Commerce

DIY search engine optimization

Ready to reach a new level of search engine optimization? Then you’ve come to the right place, because below we’ve collected all Firebear’s articles related to DIY SEO.

If you’re not getting the traffic you want there is no need to hire a team of specialists for making your ecommerce website or blog SEO-friendly. Patience and attention are only required investments, since we’ve already gathered all crucial search engine optimizations below. Choose a topic you like and implement all improvements described there; start from a single article to get your first tangible results. Continue Reading

Guruincsite Magento Disaster

- E-Commerce

Guruincsite malware - a new Magento Magento Disaster

A new Magento malware has been discovered and it is a malicious script by Guruincsite. Unfortunately, a new attack vector is not identified, but we already know that the disease makes Magento websites vulnerable to a code execution issue. Below, we shed light on how to prevent your ecommerce store from Guruincsite Magento disaster.

UPD (21.10.15) SUPEE-6788 will help you solve the Guruincsite issue

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Typographic hierarchy in e-commerce: tips and examples

- E-Commerce

Typographic hierarchy is an extremely important method of design. It is used for making information more readable, sorting text information by importance and helping with structure and usability of the design peace so the consumer could navigate through the piece easily, finding what he or she needs fast and easy.

e-commerce typographic hierarchy
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DIY SEO: Keyword Research 2016

- E-Commerce

DIY Keyword Research

Most SEO companies and specialists will agree that keyword research is the foundation of SEO, which is impossible without keywords. While figuring out expectations and desires via search queries, your customers create combinations of words, which are extremely important to know and use in your texts if you are going to increase your current Google ranking. Even the best SEO tools will not optimize your website if you don’t utilize keywords, therefore we recommend you to examine the following article, which provides information related to keyword research in 2016. Continue Reading

The Best Store Credit Magento Extensions

Store Credit Extensions for Magento

There is no permanent need of interacting with bank accounts of customers or necessitating them to visit the store directly — sometimes it’s preferably to return their order values to their credit accounts. Thus, the chance of them returning to the store and buying new stuff is increased. This article provides the general overview of four of the latest Magento extensions focused on credit systems.

The Best Store Credit Magento 2 Extensions

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