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How To Design Homepage In Shopware 6 

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Shopware 6 provides numerous tools and layout options for creating stunning store pages. Today, we explore the platform’s most admin-friendly and intuitive solutions. As a store administrator, you can create a catchy homepage that easily converts store visitors into buyers. You will find out what options are at your service and what layouts to focus on. So, let’s see how to design a homepage in Shopware 6. You can find other materials related to the platform here: Shopware 6 Cookbook. Continue Reading

Exploring Shopware: CMS Extension for Shopware 6

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In the article below, we continue our exploration of Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences. This time, we shed light on the advanced functionality of this tool represented in the CMS extension for Shopware 6. The latter is available in the Shopware Professional Edition only. Let’s see how it works. For further information on Shopware 6, check this guide: Getting Started With The Platform. As for the current article, it sheds light on how to install the CMS extension for Shopware 6. Next, you will see a description of this tool. The overview section explores such aspects as quickview, scroll navigation, and block visibility. After that, we proceed to the individual forms of the Shopware 6 CMS extension. This chapter describes various options and fields.

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Exploring Shopware: Shopping Experiences in Shopware 6

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In the following article, we shed light on Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences. Below, we discuss what Shopware Shopping Experiences are and how to configure them. Also, you can find more articles dedicated to Shopware 6 here: Getting Started With The Platform. As for this blog post, you will find out what Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences are and where to find them. After that, we proceed to various management nuances associated with the tool. For instance, you will learn how to create a layout in Shopware 6 Shopping Experiences. The article explores layout types, sections, and names. With this information in mind, we proceed to the Shopware 6 layout editor. You will discover how to add blocks to Shopware 6 layouts and content to Shopware layout blocks. After that, we explain how to assign a shopping experience to a particular page of your Shopware 6 website.   Continue Reading