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"Magento 2 ERP Integration"

Magento 2 Deltek Integration

Magento 2 Deltek Connector

Seamlessly delivered in the cloud, Deltek offers multiple solutions designed to streamline your business and push it to an entirely new level with advanced management tools and features. And you can get all the ERP’s benefits with the Magento 2 Deltek integration! Below, we shed light on core aspects of the process as well as describe the essential features of the ERP. The Magento 2 Deltek connector is also discussed in the following article. Continue Reading

Magento 2 Odoo Integration

Magento 2 Odoo Connector

Odoo introduces a suite of integrated applications developed to manage various needs of an e-commerce company. The platform offers a fully-featured ERP solution along with multiple other tools that can be easily connected to your Magento 2 store. The following article describes the platform as well as sheds light on the Magento 2 Odoo integration. Besides, we will draw your attention to the Magento 2 Odoo connector further in this post. Continue Reading

Magento 2 Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Magento 2 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Connector

The following article explains how to connect your Magento 2 website to a popular ERP system – Microsoft Dynamics. Being a mix of ERP and CRP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 opens a plethora of new capabilities for every e-commerce store pushing your business to an entirely new level. Thus, the Magento 2 Microsoft Dynamics integration introduces a very attractive opportunity. As an e-commerce merchant, you need an online storefront and a Magento 2 Microsoft Dynamics connector to run the integration. But before going any further into this direction, let’s say a few words about the ERP system. Continue Reading