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Guide to Magento 2 CMS Pages: How to Create & Import CMS Pages, Blocks & Widgets

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How to create, manage, and import Magento 2 CMS Pages

Magento 2 CMS pages are a key part of creating a unique and attractive store. Homepage, news blocks, promotions, and other content types – you can do everything with CMS pages. Including pages composed with Magento 2 Page Builder. In the following article, we explain what a Magento CMS page is. You will also learn how to create CMS pages in Magento 2. The good news is that you are no longer tied to the store’s backend for editing purposes with the Improved Import and Export extension. Below, we will teach you how to import CMS pages to Magento 2. So, what are Magento 2 CMS pages?

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How To Create Custom Forms In Shopware 6

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Shopware 6 provides the ability to create custom forms for the storefront. Thus, you get the ability to collect more information about your prospects or use such forms as an additional communication channel. However, this functionality is associated with the Professional Edition of Shopware 6 and its CMS extension. Below, we shed light on creating individual forms if the required conditions are met, and the desired functionality is available. The process is split into the following five steps: creating a shopping experience, adding a form, form settings, creating fields, assigning a layout. To make the long story short, let’s see how to create custom forms in Shopware 6You can find other materials about Shopware 6 here.

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Magento 2 import and export guide list

Since Magento 2 import and export are complex processes that require additional knowledge and skills, it is hard to cover all their nuances in a single article. Therefore, you can find dozens of materials dedicated to Magento 2 data transfers in our blog. To simplify your interactions with all these publications, we’ve gathered them in this guide list. Below, you will find articles related to Magento 2 import and export processes divided into the following groups: General import instructions, Magento 2 product import, Additional import entities, other articles. We describe the native data transfer solutions as well as shed light upon the core alternatives. You will find out how to automate import/export processes, transfer data from external systems, use Google Sheets and other platforms to move data files from, leverage APIs in import and export processes, etc. By default, Magento 2 offers quite scarce data transfer solutions, especially when it comes to the Open Source version. However, you can easily enhance the basic functionality. Read the corresponding materials listed below to discover the most reliable ways to get fully featured import/export instruments.

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Magento 2 Backend Exploration: CMS Pages

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Below, we dive deep under the hood of Magento 2 backend, exploring its Content section. In this article, we describe Pages – a screen where all CMS pages are stored. Below, you can discover how the appropriate grid looks. Besides, we explain how to manage its content. The article also touches upon such aspects as the creation of new CMS pages. If you are wondering how to transfer them to your e-commerce store, you can also find the answer below. Continue Reading