OroCRM Woocommerce Connector by Ibnab

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IBNAB OroCRM Woocommerce Connector

OroCRM Woocommerce connector, has been created to establish bi-directional connection between OroCRM (Open source CRM ) and Woocommerce. It is dependent on the practical Oro platform. Orocrm can be widened with the help of extra modules from Woocommerce using the modular and generic essence of the program. The WooCommerce Connector allows merchants to get a 360° view of every customer, recover abandoned carts and orders. Besides, it can be customized with the latest features. It is also necessary to mention that the tool can handle a large quantity of orders simultaneously in the most efficient manner. As for OroCRM, it can be used for anything related to your store marketing, sales, and customer services.

Woocommerce connector makes it easy to create and manage  multiple ecommerce stores within a single interface. The tool is build by the Ibnab team famous for such ecommerce projects as PDF Manager for OroCRM.

More video about connector are available here: OroCRM WooCommerce Connector Videos.

The official page : OroCRM WooCommerce Connector.