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Monthly Archives: March 2019

The Complete Guide to Magento 2 Virtual Products, and how to import them

Modern digital trading World is full of products, that must be delivered digitally. The products that don’t need shipping, packing or downloading. Such products don’t have size, weight, but they play a prominent role in global trading.

There is a dedicated type, for such kind of products, in Magento 2 ‘Virtual Products’. In this article you will learn the main aspects of using virtual products and get the instructions on how to import and export them from your Magento 2 store.
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How to repair Magento 2 database

Magento 2 import export debug log

While Magento 1 offers an official tool designed to repair a database, nothing similar exists for Magento 2. You cannot find issues and fix them as quickly as most of us got used to. Indeed, there is an unofficial replacement for Magento 1 Database Repair Tool. Below, we shed light on how to repair the Magento 2 database in the most user-friendly manner. Besides, you will find out how to integrate Magento 2 with any external databases. Continue Reading

Amasty Free Shipping Bar Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Cart abandonment is often caused by additional charges customers have to pay for delivery. For this reason, online store owners often include free shipping in their promotional campaigns. This way, they can encourage customers to make an order on their websites. If your store operates on the default Magento 2 platform, the only option to inform customers about free shipping is at the checkout when their order value reaches a pre-set threshold. That’s why it is important to install an appropriate third-party module with a feature of informing website visitors about free shipping possibility before they check out.

Amasty Free Shipping Bar for Magento 2 is a robust tool that adds necessary functionality for promoting free shipping offers to customers right on the homepage or any other page of a website. The extension adds a shipping notification bar to your website pages, improving communication with online shoppers and motivating them to make a purchase. Due to the price auto-calculation feature, it is possible to display messages in the bar informing customers about the amount they need to spend to get free delivery. Thus, you get a practical solution for increasing average order value and conversion rates and boosting your sales.

Below, we look deeper into the functionality of the Magento 2 Free Shipping Bar extension by Amasty.

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How to Migrate from 3dcart to Magento 2 or Sync Data Between Them

Magento 2 3dcart migration

This article is mainly dedicated to the Magento 2 3dcart migration and the synchronization of both platforms. Below, we describe 3dcart from the perspective of its e-commerce opportunities, compare its market presence with Magento, and provide the most natural way of the migration from one platform to another. While 3dcart belongs to the lesser-known ecommerce solutions, yet it offers a rich set of features as well as simplifies the life of web developers who create stores on the basis of this platform. But even the broadest functionality of 3dcart will never compete with the one introduced in Magento. Small projects may be great, but they always exist in the shadow of market giants. And since our favorite platform offers many more features, extensions, agencies, and enthusiasts willing to help you, merchants migrate from 3dcart to Magento 2. Let’s say a few more words about 3dcart and then proceed to the Magento 2 3dcart migration and synchronization. Continue Reading

How to Migrate from Wix to Magento 2 or Sync Data Between Them

Magento 2 Wix Migration

In the following post, we’d like to discuss the process of migration from Wix to Magento 2. The former is a free website builder that supports e-commerce features allowing its users to create online storefronts along with multiple other websites of all possible purposes. But multipurpose platforms never provide as broad functionality, as systems dedicated to a specific purpose. That’s why merchants, who started their e-commerce business with Wix, migrate from it to Magento 2. Wix lacks some advanced features, third-party extensions, scalability, and performance provided by the Magento ecosystem. Although it is an undoubtedly great platform for starting an e-commerce website, you will need to switch to something more powerful as your business grows. Below, we shed light on the Magento 2 Wix migration as well as provide a detailed guide on how to synchronize data between the two platforms. Let’s say a few more things about Wix and then compare it with Magento before going any further. Continue Reading