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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Magento 2 Extensions for Improved Frontend

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 Modules to improve frontend

In the following post, we shed light on various third-party extensions that improve the default frontend functionality and appearance of Magento 2. All the further mentioned tools essentially increase usability and completely revamp user experience. So, if the default Magento 2 functionality does not satisfies your ecommerce needs (and we know that it doesn’t), pay attention to the extensions described below.  Continue Reading

Advanced Stock Management for Magento 2

- Magento 2

Stock Management Magento 2 Extensions

In the following post, we describe how to improve the default stock management in Magento 2. By installing the following modules, you will get a lot of advanced features that are not available out of the box. So let’s see, how Custom Stock Status by Amasty, Out of Stock Notification by Amasty, and Stock Import Module by Xtento revamp common stock management capabilities. Continue Reading

Magento 2 Custom Order Status Extensions

- Magento 2

Advanced Order Status Magento 2 Extensions

The default Magento 2 platform sets limitations on order statuses that can be used within an ecommerce website. Luckily, there are a few Magento 2 extensions designed to solve the problem. In the following post, we will gather the most reliable tools. Let’s start with Order Status by Amasty and Advanced Order Status by Xtento. Both Magento 2 custom order status extensions allows to enhance the default functionality of the platform providing you with better features.  Continue Reading

Related Products Magento 2 Extensions

- Magento 2

Related Products Magento 2 Modules, Extensions, and Plugins

With the help of related products, you can make your customers more interested in your online storefront and goods you sell there. If your occasional visitor is dissatisfied with a specific product, you can introduce him to substitutes with lower price, another color, or better functionality. You only need a proper Magento 2 extension, which automatically generates related products for the entire catalog of your store. The most reliable Magento 2 related products extensions are gathered here. Appropriate related products Magento 1 modules are described here:

Best Related Products Magento Extensions Continue Reading

Magento 2 Shopping Cart Abandonment (Extensions and Modules)

- Magento 2

Shopping Cart Abandonment Magento 2 Extensions and Modules

Abandonment of shopping carts happens very often. An average abandonment rate in ecommerce is almost 68%, while it often varies between 60% and 80%. The less this rate is, the more purchases you get, so it is extremely important to minimize the number of abandoned carts. And you can easily achieve this goal with the aid of appropriate Magento 2 extensions that ask you customers to return to your Magento 2 website and complete the purchase. The best Magento 2 shopping cart modules are gathered in this article, as for 1.x extensions, they are gathered here: Magento Shopping cart abandonment. Continue Reading