The Ultimate Magento 2 REST API Guide

Magento 2 REST API tutorial

In the following article, we talk about the REST API of Magento 2, describing the lifecycle of an order. Below, you will find out how to prepare a store and manage multiple processes via the Magento 2 REST API. Order-related tasks include such processes as the creation of a new customer, quote, order, invoice, and shipment. Besides, wh shed light on checkout preparations and other aspects of an order-related routine common for Magento 2. Before going any further, let’s take a look at what the REST API is.  Continue Reading

Top Node.js REST API frameworks

- Node.js

REST API frameworks for Node.js

Being a software architectural style, REST provides the ability to increase the performance of your projects by introducing more maintainable architecture. If you are using a heavy MVC framework, but need to cope with a fast Node.js REST API server, then pay attention to Node.js REST API frameworks. The best solutions are described in the following post, and they offer the following advantages: Continue Reading

An Introduction To The Magento 2 API

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Magento 2 API

Today, we are going to shed light on the Magento 2 API, so let’s explain what this term means. Application program interface is a special interface which consists of protocols, routines,and tools designed to simplify the process of software development. Since APIs’ major purpose is to specify the way how different software parts interact within a system, they are often used to program graphical user interface components. Good APIs provide all building blocks necessary for developing an application, so a programmer only have to put them together. Although Magento 2 APIs incorporate the same principle, there are tons of nuances related to the ecommerce platform. So, what is the Magento 2 API? Continue Reading