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10 Strong Magento Trends to Follow This Fall

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Magento 2 Themes; Magento 2 Templates

This autumn inspires web-developers with the clearly structured pages, visually appealing designs, and stylish user interface elements. Actually, you should know how important UX & UI design is, as it creates a great first impression, which influences your popularity. So, the main question is: how to create an awesome website in a quick and easy way? Let’s try to find out with the following Magento 2 themes! Continue Reading

TemplateMonster Lightedix Lightning Store Magento 2 Theme

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Magento 2 Lightning Store Theme

Today, we shed light on a new Magento 2 template designed to create stunning ecommerce lighting stores on the basis of the platform. Meet the Lightedix Magento 2 theme – this solution will help you get a fully-featured storefront in a matter of a few clicks. Also note that the template includes more than a dozen Magento 2 modules, so you don’t have to install any additional extensions. At the same time we provide several plugins that improve the functionality of the template even more. Continue Reading

TemplateMonster FloraFest Flower Shop Magento 2 Theme

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Magento 2 Flower Shop Theme

If you are a florist, you’ve come to the right place, because below we describe how to start selling flowers online. The following article sheds light on the FloraFest Magento 2 theme. It is a flower shop template the contains lots of modern features that are not available in Magento 2 by default. So, you need a store on the basis of the Magento 2 platform and the FloraFest template to start selling flowers online. Below, you can find core theme’s features described. Besides, we dive deep into its core elements: homepage, product and category pages, cart, and checkout. Continue Reading

TemplateMonster Magetique Car Spare Parts Magento 2 Theme

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Car Spare Parts Magento 2 store

If you want to create a car spare parts ecommerce shop on the basis of Magento 2, we know how to help you. It is not necessary to install tons of various Magento 2 extensions and hire a team of designers. Simply choose a special Magento 2 theme and get a fully-featured ecommerce website. Below, we describe the TemplateMonster Car Spare Parts Magento 2 that is mobile friendly, user-oriented, and equipped with various important tools. Continue Reading

Clash of Themes: Magetique vs Fortis. Choose the Best Multipurpose Magento Theme

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Magento 2 Theming

It’s an open secret, that web development is extremely attractive today. Actually, it can meet the requirements of many users on the Web and it doesn’t matter what you need: a portfolio website, a blog, a corporative business website or an online store. Nowadays, more and more people decide to manage their business online. And both personal and commercial needs will be obtained thanks to ready-made responsive Magento themes. For this reason, there is a huge variety of themes on the Internet and everyone can definitely find their cup of tea. Besides, you also have an opportunity to choose between different CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Open Cart etc. Continue Reading

TemplateMonster Spice Shop Magento 2 Theme

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Spice Shop Magento 2 Theme

In the following post, we explore the TemplateMonster Spice Shop Magento 2 theme which incorporates all modern features and includes lots of pre-installed extensions. The template complies with all modern ecommerce standards and offers great customer experience. Below, we shed light on its core features and then describe the frontend appearance. Continue Reading