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DEITY Magento 2 PWA Review: Empowering E-Commerce Excellence

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

deity falcon magento 2 pwa

The global e-commerce market evolves steadily. It introduces new features and trends, expanding the existing borders more and more. The latest software solutions accelerate its growth, improving the lives of customers, merchants, marketers, and developers. As a result, today’s e-commerce systems offer a broad diversity of features, opportunities, and experiences. And Magento 2 is not an exception. The platform has become a leading solution that provides robust default possibilities and at the same time, supports numerous customizations. Both these advantages can be combined and multiplied due to the headless approach: you can take the powerful Magento 2 backend and create any frontend on top of it. Use the native Magento 2 PWA Studio or third-party alternatives, such as Vue Storefront, to do that. If nither of these tools seem to be suitable, pay attention to DEITY Falcon – another Magento 2 PWA that offers comprehensive features and top-notch productivity. Below, we describe the key characteristics of this platform-agnostic progressive web app and shed light on the Deity Magento 2 PWA. Continue Reading