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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Amasty Elastic Search Extension for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Amasty introduces its new Magento 2 tool that provides web stores with a faster and more precise search, significantly improving the default platform functionality. Elastic Search for Magento 2 by Amasty extends the company’s broad portfolio of Magento 2 modules. The solution enables ecommerce merchants to enhance customers’ search experience and speed up their online stores. The module’s rich features are based on the powerful Elastic Search engine, ensuring that users get the most relevant and fast search results.

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Magento 2 Moneris Payment Extension by Mageplaza

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

magento 2 moneris payment extension

One of the major concerns of most eCommerce businesses is the high abandonment rate. If we get to the root of this problem, there will be some main reason why customers leave their carts.

And the unavailability of multiple payment options on the checkout page is proved to stay in the top list of reasons for increasing cart abandonment rates of e-stores. 

Mageplaza Moneris Payment for Magento 2 is developed to help e-stores optimize their checkout process by integrating numerous payment methods on their store sites. It also comes with many more amazing features related to payment processing.  Continue Reading

SAP Business One In-Depth Review: Purchasing and Accounts Payable Documents

- E-Commerce

sap business one tutorial

Purchasing is a quite complex process that involves numerous actions and documents. With SAP Business One, you make sure that a steady stream of required materials is on the way to your company. Furthermore, the system lets you specify when and where you need them. Thus, you get a fully integrated, end-to-end business process, where SAP Business One helps you manage the entire purchasing routine from the purchase quotation to the corresponding records in your general ledger. With SAP Business One, you get the ability to capture information at each step automatically. And in the following article, we shed light on the SAP Business One purchasing and accounts payable documents and the related processes that cover each step of the purchasing workflow

With the platform’s real-time view, you can identify potential shortages before they happen, keep track of vendors, and focus on the basic steps involved in executing a purchase order. Below, we overview the purchasing A/P process, describe its common structure, show how to create one purchasing document from another, and study the accounting and inventory impact of different purchasing documents. Continue Reading

SAP Business One In-Depth Review: Sales and Accounts Receivable Documents

- E-Commerce

sap business one tutorial

In the following article, we describe one of the SAP Business One cornerstones: sales documents and the related accounts receivable. Below, you will find the overview of the SAP B1  sales A/R process. We describe it from the very beginning and proceed to such aspects as building documents in SAP B1 from each other. Besides, we shed light upon processing document groups and the inventory and accounting impact. You will also find a sales checklist at the end of the chapter.  Continue Reading

Magento 2 CartaSi Extension by Mageplaza

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

magento 2 cartasi extension

You might prepare a secure payment gateway for your store with no chance of your customers’ card information being compromised. 

However, your customers don’t always know that, which makes them hesitant to enter their card details. In the worst-case scenario, customers choose to abandon their carts and find a more reliable shop. 

Integrating your store with one of the most renowned payment service providers in Italia, Mageplaza Cartasi – Nexi Payment makes your customers feel more reliable about the offered payment options on your checkout page.  Continue Reading

Magento 2 Save Cart Extension by Mageplaza

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

magento 2 save cart extension

The truth is lots of online shoppers just browse your product catalog and look for their wanted items without making a purchase for specific reasons. And it seems impossible to prevent any customers at your stores from abandoning their carts. 

However, you can reduce this rate by simplifying the customers’ searching experience when they come back to your store. 

Mageplaza Save Cart and Buy Later extension lets the store customers save their shopping cart information for their future purchases, packed with many custom options. As a result, you can save your customers’ time and effort to complete their previous shopping cart.  Continue Reading