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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Extendware Affiliate Program Magento Extension Review

- E-Commerce, Magento tips & tricks

Extendware Affiliate Program Magento Extension Review; Extendware Affiliate Program Magento Module Overview

To increase the effectiveness of how your ecommerce store is promoted on the Internet, we recommend you to pay attention to the Extendware Affiliate Program Magento extension. This highly configurable affiliate module is designed to simplify your daily routine related to the creation of various campaigns, commission rates/tiers, and banners. It provides all tools necessary to start and run a highly productive affiliate network. Below, you can find a Magento extension tutorial related to the backend section of Affiliate Program and an overview of its frontend, but let’s start with a brief features review first. Continue Reading

GrailWibo – Magento 2 Theme For Electric Tools Store

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

GrailWibo Magento 2 Theme Review; GrailWibo Magento 2 Template Overview

We’ve already described Jewelrix – a Magento 2 theme from TemplateMonster. Another template you can find there is GrailWibo. If Jewelrix is aimed at jewelry and fashion stores, GrailWibo can be used as a basis of an ecommerce storefront with various electric equipment. Below, we shed light on its core features and provide illustration of core elements: product and catalog pages, shopping cart, and checkout Continue Reading

Jewelrix Magento 2 Theme Overview

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Jewelrix Magento 2 Theme Review; Jewelrix Magento 2 Template Overview

There are three Magento 2 themes currently available on TemplateMonster, and below we shed light on Jewelrix – a professional Magento 2 template for jewelry shops and other ecommerce storefronts. In the following post, you will find the description of the theme as well as illustrations of its core elements: Product, Category, Cart, and Checkout pages. Continue Reading

Tame The PHP Monster With The Best PHP Books

- Fire development

The Best PHP Books

A new server-side scripting language was introduced in 1994. Its name was PHP, and it was designed for web development. Nowadays, the language is used on more than 2 million web servers and 244 million websites. During last twenty years, numerous PHP books have been publish to help developers better master it. In below, you will find the best PHP books which could help you a lot with learning PHP. Continue Reading

Best Books To Level Up Your E-Commerce Skills

- E-Commerce

best ecommerce books

The year 2016 brings new concerns to your business, no matter how small or large it is. A huge bunch of new startups is going to enter the global market this year, and if you are among them then you will probably seek the guidance of the most experienced ones in order to develop into a stable and successful company. If you are already in the game, you are likely to get pressed by new challenges and potential competitors even more than ever before. Although your current marketing strategy may have proved to be perfect last year, you can no longer rely on it without considering up-to-date trends of the E-Commerce world. In order to help you figure things out right, we offer an exhaustive list of the best E-Commerce books that will meet the needs of both novice and experienced entrepreneurs from any specialized niche.

We sorted all the books into well-defined categories so that you can easily pick up the book (or books) that will suit you best:

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Node.JS From Essentials To Mastery (Best Books)

- Node.js

Node.JS Books amazon

Have you ever experienced this intense need for mastering Node.JS but at the same time had no time or possibility to get started? Or, what’s even worse, you might have faced the challenge of dealing with books and guides that only left a complete mess in your head? Well, it is time to finally make things easy, as we are here to help you overcome your doubts and provide you with the most comprehensive and useful Node.JS books available online. With this collection at hand, you will get the most profound understanding of Node.JS principles and a vigorous inspiration to put newly acquired knowledge into practice. Continue Reading

10+ Books To Fully Leverage Magento

- E-Commerce, Magento tips & tricks

If you are going to improve your knowledge about Magento or start learning the platform from scratch you can buy one of  the books mentioned below. They cover different topics, so you should choose one for your specialisation. We also recommend you to start with our Magento DIY, as it is the most complete Magento guide that describes how to turn Magento Community Edition into a fully featured Enterprise-like storefront.

magento books 2014

The Real Magento Community | The Ultimate Magento 1 Developer Resource List | The Ultimate Magento 2 Developer Resource List

It is also necessary to mention that there are a lot of Magento 2 books, so you can already start learning the second version of the platform. Both entry level and advanced guides are gathered and described here: Magento 2 Books To Start Your Acquaintance With The Platform. Magento 2 offers tons of improvements and new features, has a redesigned backend, is more secure, and provides better conditions for running a ecommerce business in comparison with the predecessor. Therefore, don’t hesitate to start your exploration of the platform right now.

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Amasty Shipping Rules for Magento 2 and 1

Amasty Shipping Rules Magento 2 Extension Review; Amasty Shipping Rules Magento Module Overview

It’s a common practice when shipping rates provided by carriers do not suit a particular business module, so they need to be adjusted. To fully leverage this process, we recommend you to utilize a reliable third-party solution by Amasty – the Magento 2 Shipping Rules extension. The module is a simple merchant-oriented tool that provides the ability to fully leverage shipping rules creation and modification. As a result, shipping rates can be increased or decreased according to your unique needs. Continue Reading