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How to Import and Export Customer Shopping Carts in Magento 2

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Magento 2 Shopping Carts Import Export

The shopping cart functionality of Magento 2 has been updated multiple times. Every new version introduced vital improvements for both customers and store administrators. In the following post, we shed light on new Magento 2 shopping cart features, discuss the updated functionality, and provide a tool designed to import and export Magento 2 shopping carts and all the related data within just a few clicks.

As a store administrator, you get the ability to manage shopping carts of customers who are now online – a new feature that is explained below. Besides, it is possible to access the persistent carts – a new term used to call abandoned carts – of shoppers who are not currently logged in to their accounts.

In both cases, you are able to add and remove products, transfer items from customer activities, and create orders. As for the respective import and export processes, they are available via third-party software. In this article, we use the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension to show how to transfer Magento 2 shopping carts. Continue Reading

How to get current quote in Magento 2

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Magento 2 import export debug log

In the following article, we shed light on how to get a current quote in Magento 2. To be more exact – from your Magento 2 shot. Why does one need this action? It is mainly utilized for manipulating a cart before creating an order from it. A current quote object provides you with access to all items and enables doing some checks or manipulations with them. You can find more useful tips here: Magento 2 Cookbook. Continue Reading