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Advanced Shopify Export: How to Export Shopify Orders to Excel

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In this article, we continue our exploration of the Shopify Microsoft Excel integration. This time, you will learn the nuances of the Shopify Excel export.  When it comes to the various file types, Shopify’s preferences are rather limited: CSV or CSV. You are restricted to this format and its modification. But what if your data updates are stored in the XLSX format? Fortunately, our Import & Export Tool for Shopify introduces a more streamlined solution. In addition to the default CSV imports and exports, it also supports a variety of other file formats, including XLSX. Below, you will discover how to export Shopify orders to Excel. We describe this transfer since it illustrates the integration opportunities associated with our module. But let us delve into the nuanced disparities between CSV and XLSX first. For further information on how to enhance your e-commerce routine, follow our Shopify Cookbook. So, how do you export XLSX from Shopify? Let’s find out! Continue Reading