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Key Security Issues Of The Web 2016

- E-Commerce, Fire development

Key Security Issues Of The Web 2016

Today, we are going to explore such an important topic as web security. Since there are a plethora of problems related to the IT sector, it is impossible to cover all network security issues in a single article, so we are going to shed light on key aspects only. The following post contains some facts about the most common security threats of the Web. Please note that major security issues in ecommerce are often similar to other segments of the Internet, so this guide is aimed at online retailers, bloggers, and all other kinds of web users. Continue Reading

Beware of Nginx and Magmi Data Import Tool

- Magento tips & tricks

Security vulnerabilities: Nginx and Magmi Data Import Tool

Two potential security vulnerabilities have been discovered recently in the Magento ecosystem.

The first one is Nginx, but don’t panic, as this problem affects only some misconfigured Magento sites. Because of the misconfiguration, hackers get access to the Magento cache system. Please note, that cache files can contain such sensitive information as Magento database passwords: with this data, malefactors can access your Magento installation and as a result customer information. Continue Reading

Magento Security Ultimate Guide

- E-Commerce

Ultimate Guide to Magento Security

Thousands of Magento websites have been hacked recently. Luckily, there are several useful methods designed to fix the current problems. If your e-commerce website is insecure, then you should hurry up to prevent the undesirable consequences. If your store is affected, it is also important not to delay the solution of the problem. In the post below, we gathered all important information about Magento security issues, which will be useful in both cases.

Magento critical security patches SUPEE-5994, SUPEE-5344, SUPEE-1533 (Shoplift) (all official Magento security patches) Continue Reading