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"Search AutoComplete"

Mirasvit Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro for Magento 2 and 1

Mirasvit Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro Magento 2 Extension Review; Mirasvit Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro Magento Module Overview

If for some reason, you do not want to install Sphinx Search Ultimate by Mirasvit, we recommend you to pay attention to Search AutoComplete & Suggest Pro for Magento 2 and 1. This extension fundamentally improves the search process on your ecommerce storefront. It performs fast and precise predictions to complete words or even whole phrases your customers search for. Consequently, they spend less time looking for desired goods. Besides, you increase chances that they will find the desired products or buy something else: it can be any item from suggested results. Such functionality looks great, so let’s make a brief excursion through the extension’s features and interfaces. Continue Reading

Mconnect Search Autocomplete Magento 2 Extension

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 Search Autocomplete Extension

M-Connect Media celebrates excellent innovation and terrific boldness of its experts who dedicatedly work together with its customers to structurize the heart and brain of the eCommerce trades.  It ushers its customers to integrate their businesses with the digital world and make them take quick decisions and react at the real time. With well-researched market and latest trends, M-connect amalgamates its techniques to modify the businesses to which what we call e-businesses. Continue Reading

Swissuplabs Ajax Search And Autocomplete Magento 2 Module

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Magento 2 search autocomplete

When we think of website usability, one of the first things that comes to our mind is certainly search process. Therefore, in this article, we would like to introduce Swissuplabs Ajax Search And Autocomplete Magento 2 Module. In essence, it is an extension that facilitates your website search process, by integrating your website with Ajax. With its assistance, you will be able to increase the search quality and optimize customer experience in your webstore. The operation principle, which is applied by the tool, is basically represented by the drop-down suggestion menu that appears when you start to type the beginning of a word. The list of suggestions can help speed up product selection and make your Magento 2 catalog search process more convenient. Continue Reading