Magento 2 PDF Customizers Comparison (Magestore vs Fooman)

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Magento 2 PDF Customizers Comparison: Fooman vs Magestore

In the following article, we compare the most popular Magento 2 extensions designed to help merchants create custom PDF documents: Magestore PDF Invoice Plus and Fooman PDF Customiser. The importance of these tools is obvious: they enable you to improve customer experience and provide the impression of a reliable company with the help of properly designed PDFs. We don’t think that default Magento 2 documents look bad, but there is room for improvement, and the Firebear team is here to help you decide what extension to choose. Note that both Magento 2 PDF extensions are designed to help you cope with local legal requirements related to invoices and other documents. So, is you are looking for creating a Magento 2 custom invoice and other sales-related documents, you’ve come to the right place. Continue Reading

Magento 2 PDF Invoice Extension by Mageplaza

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Do you know the store’s sales documents that easily impress your customers right from the first moment? It is something that you always have to send to your customers after they have purchased your product from your online store. Hence, don’t miss this seemingly insignificant step. To help you solve this, we are pleased to introduce to e-commerce store owners,  Mageplaza PDF Invoice.

Developed by Mageplaza, PDF Invoice helps you create eye-catching invoices for your customers and attaches them to PDF Invoice automatically. Also, administrators can insert logo, tax ID, address, barcode, QR code into PDF document in seconds. If in Magento’s default, it limits the information on the invoice and they are difficult to customize, our extension can ultimately help you handle it quickly and conveniently without the hindrance of any technique. Whether you are a newbie/rookie, you can also customize the bill according to your wishes. Using this module for your store, it not only helps to improve sales significantly but also makes it easy for customers to return to the store during subsequent purchases.

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Taymiya – open source PDF management

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Taymiya is new open source project to manage PDF Files inside Oro Tech , B2B platform CRM PIM or ERP is technologies that need manage order quote and contact …. by creating a PDF format files , Taymiya give the ability to build Business documents and organize templates for get PDF, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoices and other. Continue Reading