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"Magento 2 EE"

Magento 2 Commerce and Cloud (Enterprise Edition) Specific Features

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Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0 Features

Magento 2 introduces a plethora of new improvements especially in case of the Commerce edition formerly known as Enterprise Edition. Although both Open Source and Commerce editions provide better ecommerce opportunities than 1.X, Magento 2 Commerce incorporates some exclusive features. Below, you will see their description as well as comparison with Community Edition of Magento 2.

Magento 2 Enterprise Cloud Edition

Magento 2 Enterprise Edition Features On A Community Website

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Magento 2 Enterprise Edition Features On A Community Website

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Turning Magento 2 CE into Magento 2 EE

There is an article at Divante that compares Enterprise and Community editions of Magento 2. The author shows some core differences between both and emphasises that Magento 2 Enterprise Edition is better. Here at Firebear, we know for sure that the gulf between two editions can be easily overcome with the help of third-party extensions. Furthermore, you can effortlessly turn your Community Edition-based storefront into something more reliable than a plain EE website. Below, we name core Enterprise Edition specific features and provide our tips on how to get them on a Magento 2 Community Edition website. Besides, there is a section dedicated to third-party Magento 2 modules that add features unavailable in both editions.

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Magento 2 Split Database Solution (Enterprise)

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Magento 2 Split Database feature

Magento 2 Community Edition introduces a plethora of new features compared to 1.x, while Enterprise Edition offers even more advantages, including the Magento 2 split database solution. This significant improvement provides the ability to utilize 3 master databases simultaneously, increasing the performance of your ecommerce website. The Magento 2 split database feature incorporates such sections of the platform as orders, checkout, and product data. Each one can possess its own master database which supports replication, so you can easily scale load from Magento 2 checkouts, browsing, or order management and merchandising activities. Continue Reading