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The Most Useful AngularJS Tools

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AngularJS Tools

AngularJS is a fully open-sourced JavaScript web app framework, one from a variety of new frameworks designed to improve JavaScript by speeding up development and reducing current requirements. It is supported by Google as well as a solid network of corporations and coders that deal with the problems and challenges of single-page applications. Thus, AngularJS is designed to simplify the creation of dynamic views in web apps as well as development and testing. Moreover, there are a lot of AngularJS tools that make these processes even more user friendly. Continue Reading

How to stop fearing and start coding (The Best Online Programming Courses)

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The Best Online Programming Courses

How to stop fearing and start coding? In this post, we are going to the answer to this question. For instance, Roshan Choxi, Cofounder and CEO of Bloc, tells about three strategies that are extremely necessary to achieve this goal. First of all, you have to be focused on habits, not goals. Then you should understand, that learning alone is painful. And finally, you have to build things. Continue Reading