"Shopify XLSX Import"

Advanced Shopify Import: Shopify Microsoft Excel Integration

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Today, we continue our journey to the realm of file formats. This article sheds light on the Shopify Microsoft Excel integration in general and its import side in particular (you can find the export guide here: Shopify Excel Export). As we’ve already mentioned earlier, Shopify is quite restricted when it comes to file formats used for import and export processes. If you need to import XLSX files, a third-party solution is required, such as the Firebear Import & Export Tool. This app supports not only CSV imports and exports but also a bunch of other file formats, including XLSX. In this guide, you will learn how to connect Shopify to Excel by adding products from an Excel sheet to Shopify. But first, we’d like to describe the difficulties of the default Shopify Excel import comparing this process to a more advanced and automated procedure. For further information on how to improve your e-commerce routine, follow our Shopify Cookbook which stands ready with a trove of valuable insights.  Continue Reading