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How To Code Like Real Pythonista (Best Python Books)

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Best Python Books

If you’re aiming to acquire an essentially simple but at the same time productive programming language, there is no other option for you but Python. Mastering such a language will not only allow you to express your code in fewer lines (thanks to its pretty much dense semantics) but it will also make it look intelligible and easy-to-read. So, where to start? Obviously, there is a bunch of various books, guides and online courses available on the web, but there is no reason you should spend endless nights searching for the right thing, especially if you can simply access the Firebear blog just once. So take a look at our exclusive list of the most popular and comprehensive Python books that will definitely make you code like a real Pythonista. Continue Reading

Play & Code – Learn Programming By Playing Games

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Learn Programming By Playing There are a lot of tools out there to turn learning into a game. The process when game thinking, game mechanics or whole games are used in non-game contexts is called gamification. Nowadays, specialists can gamify almost everything from customers interaction with a website to education. They turn routine processes into fun to improve user engagement, make learning more effective, and provide new unique user experience. As coders always were hardcore gamers, the appearance of gamified coding programs and courses was inevitable. Nowadays, there are dozens of video games which purpose is learning programming. To become a good coder, you just need a right game. Of course, it works better with theoretical courses but in this post we will tell you about games. Continue Reading

Play & Code – Lerne zu programmieren durch Spielen

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Play & Code – Lerne zu programmieren durch Spielen

Play & Code – Lerne zu programmieren durch SpielenEs gibt viele Wege das Lernen ins Spiel zu verwandeln. Der Prozess, wenn das Spieldenken, Spielmechanik oder gar ganze Spiele im nicht-Spielkontext eingesetzt werden, nennt man Gamification. Von der Zusammenarbeit an einer Website bis hin zu einer Ausbildung mit spielerischen Elementen versehen – die Experten schaffen es heutzutage überall die Spielifizierung zu implementieren. Sie gestalten Routineprozesse zum Spaß um. Dadurch soll das Lernen effektiver gestaltet werden. Durch eine neuartige Erfahrung entsteht eine verbesserte Beschäftigung des Nutzers. Da die Entwickler oft selbst Hardcore-Gamer waren, ist es kein Wunder das die gamifizierte Programme und Lernmaterial optisch Computerspielen ähneln. Derzeit gibt es eine Menge von Videospielen, deren Ziel programmieren zu lernen ist. Um ein guter Schlüssler zu werden, brauchst Du nur das richtige Spiel. Natürlich, wenn Du Schule durchläufst und theoretischen Stoff erlernst, so ist es ja besser. Aber hier in diesem Artikel wird die Rede um Spiele gehen.

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Best Django (Python) CMS 2015

- E-Commerce, Fire development

Django CMSWe have already told about PHP and Ruby on Rails CMS, and now it is time to speak about content management systems based on Django which is a free web application framework. Django is open source and it is written in Python following the architectural pattern “model–view–controller”. The aforementioned language is widely used for settings, files, and data models. The framework was designed to ease the creation of compound, database-driven websites. Django relies on reusability and “pluggability” of its components; the “don’t repeat yourself” principle; and optional administrative interface designed to create, update, read, and delete different content. The most well-known Django based sites are Pinterest, The Washington Times, Instagram, Public Broadcasting Service, etc. Continue Reading