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"Order Editor"

Mageworx Order Editor Extension for Magento 2

- E-Commerce, Magento 2

Smooth orders management is one of the main concerns for every ecommerce merchant. If you operate your online store on Magento 2, it provides quite convenient order processing workflow. However, there are a few limitations on the default platform related to the modification and cancellation of created orders. That’s why we recommend you to consider installing a third-party module with extended order processing functionality.

In today post, we are describing the Mageworx Order Editor extension for Magento 2. The module enables online store owners to take full control over orders data, making order management workflow faster and more efficient. The main enhancement of the default Magento offered by the Mageworx extension is the possibility to modify orders without cancelling them. With the help of the module, you will be able to quickly edit, add, and delete main order details, ordered products info, personal customer data, and preview made changes. This way, you will streamline order management workflow on your store and increase the accuracy of the data.

Below, we look closer at the Magento 2 Order Editor extension’s core features and explore its backend interface. Continue Reading