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How to import data from MongoDB to Magento 2

Magento 2 MongoDB Data Import

Let’s imagine a situation when you have a remote MongoDB table that should be used for updating your Magento 2 store. Unfortunately, the document store won’t let you move the information to your e-commerce website directly, but there is no reason to panic since there are at least two ways to achieve your goal: traditional and user-friendly. Below, we compare both of them to figure out the most efficient solution. Let’s take a look at the traditional approach to importing data from MongoDB to Magento 2. Continue Reading

MongoDB database: CMS, eCommerce, High Load Applications, Enterprise Services

- E-Commerce

MongoDB tutorial: CMS; ecommerce; Magento; PHP

Today, I’m going to talk about MongoDB – a cross-platform document-oriented database widely utilized in web development. Since it has various ranges of use, including ecommerce, MongoDB really deserves attention. Below, I’ll cover all major aspects related to the database. Thus, the following MongoDB tutorial will be useful for both ecommerce merchants and developers unfamiliar with the subject. Continue Reading