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"JavaScript development"

The Best 9 JavaScript Books

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Best Javascript Books

In this article, we suggest you taking a look at the best JavaScript books that might help you become a better JS developer. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced JS programmer or you have just started this journey, the books listed below are quite universal, therefore everybody is able to suck an advantage out of them.

Each book is unique and introduces its own approaches of mastering the JavaScript language, we encourage you to find out which one fits you the best to facilitate your studying process.

So, let’s get down to our JS books marathon. Continue Reading

The Best JavaScript Package Managers

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Package Managers for JavaScript

The appearance of package managers entirely changed JavaScript routine processes, since they’ve solved a set of problems and simplified the use of the language. First of all, JavaScript package managers introduced a new reliable approach to third-party software. That’s why you only need to know how a certain tool works instead of learning the algorithm of the installation process, or how the software is built, compiled, and integrates with the system. Besides, you get a dependency management solution with every JavaScript package manager. The software knows the requirements of every package, so it automatically installs all the necessary components in order to satisfy the tree of dependencies.    Continue Reading