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How to Solve The Magento 2 “URL Key for Specified Store Already Exists” Error

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magento 2 url key for specified store already exists error

When creating or importing categories and products some may encounter the Magento 2 “URL key for specified store already exists” error message. It may be the URL rewrites, database issues, or other things not considered.

Anyways, if there is an error there will also be a solution. In this article, we talk about how to solve the Magento 2 “URL key for specified store already exists” error when importing products and categories to your store.

You will learn when the error occurs, exploring specific conditions that cause it. This article mentions three different cases that usually lead to the “URL key for specified store already exists.” Next, we focus on the most frequent reason – duplicate URLs. The value specified in the URL key field would generate a URL that already exists in Magento 2. You will find out how to get rid of duplicate URLs when importing data to Magento 2. The article provides separate examples for products and categories. After that, we emphasize other features related to the Improved Import & Export extension – the solution that we use to address the “URL key for specified store already exists” issue.

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How to Generate Unique Product & Category URLs if They Are Duplicated During Magento 2 Import

- Magento 2, Our extensions

If some of the imported products or categories are duplicated it may negatively affect your administrative routine, SEO, and customer experience. However, there is a possibility to address these issues even before they impact anyone. Meet the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension. We’ve already explained how to use the module to create SEO-friendly product URL patterns. However, it also includes another handy instrument that addresses the duplicate issue. The extension can generate unique URLs if it finds out that the imported products or categories have duplicated addresses. Go to our Magento 2 Developer’s Cookbook for more tips. Continue Reading

Magento URL reindex (core_url_rewrite) duplicates patch

How to fix Magento URL reindex (core_url_rewrite) duplicates bug

There is one annoying problem in Magento – the url rewrite indexer creates tons of unnecessary custom rewrites for products with duplicate url_keys. This happens during every indexer run. As a result, the size of the core_url_rewrite table grows to enormous sizes. Please note that the problem is typical for Magento 1.7 – 1.9 and its above versions. Below, I will explain how to fix this bug with the help of our patch. But first of all let’s start with one real world example. Continue Reading