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Personal Recommendation Services And Engines For Magento

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Recommender or recommendation systems form a subclass of information filtering systems. Their main purpose is to produce lists of recommendations for individual users. There are two methods used at the heart of the process: collaborative and content-based filtering. The first one relies on user’s past behavior and similar decisions made by other customers. The second one uses a series of discrete characteristics of an item in order to create a list of additional items with similar properties. Both approaches are often combined to create more complex system. Thanks to personal recommendation services and engines, e-commerce is now based on individual approach to every customer: products are marketed to individuals based on their unique needs.


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Custom Product Pricing Magento Extensions (tier, group, configurable, custom prices, and more)

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The default Magento functionality provides limited abilities when it comes to custom product pricing. But you can dramatically change the situation by using custom product pricing Magento extensions. In this post, we gathered the most popular tools and solutions aimed at improving the way you work with tier, group, configurable, and custom prices. Below, you will find both free and paid Magento extensions from top developers.

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