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The Complete Guide to Magento 2 Configurable Product

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What is a Magento 2 configurable product? Being an inevitable part of most e-commerce websites, it is a phenomenon that goes beyond the borders of simple Magento 2 products. In the following article, we explore what Magento 2 configurable products are. You will find out their unique characteristics and key management aspects. After that, we proceed to how to create a configurable product in Magento 2. There is also a chapter dedicated to the way configurable products work within your catalog. The Magento 2 configurable product import is another essential topic covered below. You will learn how to import configurable products using the default data transfer tools. After that, we will explore an alternative approach that adds multiple benefits, such as automation and mapping.

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How to Export Simple Products With Their Parent Product Relations in Magento 2

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Let’s suppose, you need to export products from Magento 2. Your catalog contains a couple of simple products associated with a few parent products each. By default, it is quite hard to export these items and keep their parent relations in the exported data table. However, you can fix that with the help of the Improved Import & Export module. In the following article, we shed light on how to use the extension to export simple products from Magento 2 along with the information about their parent products. Follow our Developer’s Cookbook for more tips like this. Continue Reading

Invalid Option Value: How To Fix Magento 2 Import Error

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Below, we explore another common problem that prevents Magento 2 import processes. No matter whether you’ve faced the Invalid Option Value Error or not but it may occur when you import a configurable product with many options. Below, we study two cases and provide several resolutions to the issue. Firstly, we explain a situation when it is impossible to save changes in a configurable product due to its custom options. Secondly, you will peruse a case when a user cannot import a configurable product from a CSV file. After that, the article sheds light on a time-consuming resolution provided in a StackExchange discussion. Since we also know how to address the issue, you will find several tips on how to manage configurable products with numerous custom options. Besides, we describe an enhanced import procedure that incorporates the Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension.
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Magento 2 Configurable Products Preselect Extension by Mageplaza

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You own an online store of the Magento platform with various configurable products. However, it may take time for customers to select the product attributes and wait for the new outlook of product loading, which will affect customer satisfaction and increase the bounce rate. 

No business does want this problem occurring in their shop. They need to find a solution that can suggest attribute combinations to customers. Let’s imagine that each configurable product has multiple attributes, which requires clients to select each attribute before seeing its outlook to complete the purchase. It may cause frustration for customers if they want to shop quickly.

Thus, the Mageplaza Configurable Product Preselect extension is a useful tool for each Magento shop, which helps customers view a targeted product attribute of the configurable product right after accessing your website. They can see the cheapest or most expensive version depending on the admin setting. Moreover, shop owners are able to set the Default Preselect option for each product based on their promotion purpose. Continue Reading

Improved Configurable Products Magento 2 Extensions

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Improved Configurable Products for Magento 2

In this post, we shed light on improvements related to default configurable products available in Magento 2. You can essentially change the way this feature is implemented by installing correct Magento 2 extensions. Both paid and free solution are described below, so you only have to choose the exact improved configurable products Magento 2 extension that suits your ecommerce requirements.

This is overview post , please check for details and manual 

Improved Configurable Product for Magento 2 

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