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Monthly Archives: June 2016

MageWorx SEO Meta Templates For Magento 2 and 1

magento meta tag template

Although Mageworx offers a robust SEO tool, SEO Suite Ultimate, there is a less complex solution available on the company’s website – SEO Meta Templates.

The extension allows generating advanced SEO templates for optimisation of large meta data set, as well as product and category descriptions. By optimising essential meta elements, search engines understand your product or category pages better, thus improving your website SEO ranking and click-through rates. The SEO Meta Templates extension enables users to create different types of SEO templates depending on which attributes you want to use, that make your web store pages search engine friendly and more informative. Meta templates is a practical solution for ecommerce businesses of any size that helps merchants to produce unique SEO meta data for any of their website pages.

Below, we shed light on this Magento meta tag template extension describing its core features and backend interface. More Magento SEO tools and tips are available here: Ultimate Guide to Magento SEO; Magento 2 SEO (out-of-the-box features, extensions, tips); and Best Magento SEO Extensions 2016.
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MageWorx Search Suite Extension For Magento 2 and 1

If standard Magento search opportunities are not enough for your ecommerce business, and we know that they are not, pay attention to various Magento 2 search engines. However, if you do not want to deal with a complicated integration procedure, we recommend you to check the best extensions that will completely revamp the way your customers look for something on your website. The best Magento catalogue search plugins are gathered here: The Best Magento Extensions For Improved Catalog Search; if you are looking for Magento 2 catalogue search tools – check this out: Magento 2 Extensions for Improved Catalog Search. As for this post, below we would like to draw your attention to the MageWorx Search Suite.

The MageWorx Search Suite extension drastically improves default Magento search functionality, providing users with exhaustive tools for configuring and managing onsite catalogue search options. Moreover, it allows merchants to get a detailed analysis of search results. The module uses integration with the Sphinx search server, making Magento search faster and more precise. Autocomplete feature together with the as-you-type suggestions instantly shows relevant results and allows customers to find exactly what they are looking for quickly. These features improve user experience on an online shop in general, saving time and enabling website visitors to add the searched items to their cart right from the search result pop-up. In the end, user-friendly and intuitive catalogue search functionality increases conversion rates on an online store, brings more profits and attracts more customers.

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MageWorx Gift Cards Extension for Magento 2 and 1

Offering gift cards on an online store is a great marketing solution that helps in increasing customer engagement and promoting an ecommerce brand. Allowing online shoppers to buy and use gift cards and certificates will certainly generate extra profits, and particularly during the holiday season.

With the help of the MageWorx Gift Cards Extension, you can make the gift-giving process more comfortable by introducing the ability to purchase gift cards right on your ecommerce website. The extension supports physical and online gift cards types (we will describe them below), provides flexible pricing schemes & values, and offers a full backend control. By providing a wide choice of gift cards and pricing options, you can create an optimised and user-friendly gift-giving process on your Magento store.

The whole section of this post is dedicated to the admin interface of the module and sheds light on Magento 2 gift card configuration, but let’s have a look at the tool’s features first.

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MageWorx Store and Currency Auto Switcher for Magento 2 and 1

Multiple currencies support is vital for international ecommerce businesses. Lacking this feature may result in decreased conversions for an online shop since you will lose money on accepting payments in the currencies other than your local currency. Merchants who cannot provide a multi-currency function to their customers might also face lower customer engagement, as most online shoppers prefer to pay in their home local money. To avoid such challenges, store owners should consider using store and currency switching tools for Magento.

In this post, we would like to draw your attention to two useful tools developed by MageWorx: Store and Currency Auto Switcher and its component that exists as a standalone module – Currency Auto Switcher. With this solutions, you can rapidly expand your business to international markets, using the extension’s automatic detection of customer’s location and auto switching to localised stores and home currencies feature. In this way, your online store becomes more customer-centred and increases customer trust, while you leverage all the module’s functions configured based on your business goals.

Both extensions are available for Magento 2 and 1 and offer almost the same set of features. Below, we describe how the MageWorx Magento 2 currency switcher and Magento 2 store view switcher work.

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MageWorx Product Custom Options Templates For Magento 2 and 1

For merchants who have products with various options in their store, manual creation of custom variants for each product can become a real pain. For instance, you have items of different sizes and colours in your store. Using default Magento platform, you will need to import created custom options for every particular product. If later you would like to change some product attributes, you will have to start the same process from the start.

You no longer have to create options for each product manually, because there is the MageWorx Product Custom Options Templates Magento 2 extension. This Magento 2 custom options extension lets you save hours of time by providing the ability to create multiple templates designed for assigning custom options for any chosen product. With the module, you can create an unlimited number of custom options templates, like colour, size, brand, and many more. If you want to do changes in the product values, you just need to edit a created template in the Magento admin to apply product modifications.

If you are looking for appropriate Magento 1 solution, pay attention to the Advanced Product Options extension. Although it has slightly more extensive functionality, in this post we are going to concentrate on the Magento 2 module, but you can still read this review to get a deeper insight into the way both tools improve the default Magento platform.

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MageWorx Order Management Extension for Magento 2 and 1

MageWorx Order Management Magento 2 Extension Review; MageWorx Order Management Magento Module Overview

Optimisation of the order management workflow is one of the main concerns for ecommerce stores. Any store owner looks into arranging order creation, editing, and archiving processes smoothly and logically. With multiple orders coming in every day, you need a robust solution to manage them. With the help of the MageWorx Magento 2 Order Management extension, you will enhance the default Magento order management workflow, making it faster and more efficient. The module lets you streamline B2C transactions and improve order accuracy by revamping the way you work with order data.

Extend both the Magento 2 or 1.X order functionality and get a smooth order processing workflow. Below, we shed light on extension’s core features and dive deep into its backend. Continue Reading

MageWorx File Downloads & Product Attachments for Magento 2 and 1

In addition to the Shipping Suite, we would like to draw your attention to the File Downloads & Product Attachments extension by MageWorx. The tool is designed to improve the default user experience of Magento by introducing the ability to place downloadable files on static blocks and product, category, or CMS pages. The extension lets store owners present their products in the best possible way by helping them to create informative product pages and provide customers with valuable data. With all the features offered by the tool, ecommerce merchants increase customer engagement and conversions by letting them use informative and noticeable file downloads.

The File Downloads & Product Attachments module supports all popular file formats, so you can equip your website pages with PDF files, price lists, warranty agreement, user guides, video tutorials, tech documents, and whatever your customers need to know your company or products better. With the module, it is possible to add files to any page of your website, specify where precisely product attachments will be placed, track download statistics, and keep all data well organised in the Magento backend. You can also decide to grant or deny access to downloadable files for the specified categories of your site visitors.

The Magento file upload extension is available for both Magento 2 and 1, so the version of your ecommerce platform does not matter. Furthermore, MageWorx offers a smooth transfer of all features to Magento 2 version along with 50% Magento 2 upgrade discount!

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MageWorx Shipping Suite Ultimate For Magento 2 and 1

One of the main reasons for online shoppers to abandon their shopping carts are high and not exact shipping costs. If you are looking for an all-in-one shipping tool for your Magento 1 or 2 website, pay attention to the portfolio of MageWorx. The company offers a reliable solution that provides the ability to manage all aspects related to shipping. The module provides store owners with advanced features enabling them to modify standard shipping costs and create custom rates, as well as offer free shipping or discounted rates for specific locations.

With the MageWorx Shipping Suite Ultimate module, ecommerce merchants can extend the default shipping rules and restrictions available on Magento platform. The MageWorx Shipping Suite Ultimate extension provides the ability to streamline advanced Magento 2 shipping rules and restrictions, enables flexible delivery rates, and lets you create highly customizable shipping methods.

With the extension, you can customise your shipping rules based on the combination of any product, cart, or address attributes. In this way, you can create one set of shipping rules applied to heavy-weight goods, and a different set of rules for nighttime delivery.

As a result, you get more control over your shipping procedures, expand your target delivery locations, and increase your ecommerce business profit diversity.

Below, we describe how the Magento 2 shipping extension works from the perspective of store administrators.

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Aheadworks AJAX Cart Pro for Magento 2 and 1

AheadWorks AJAX Cart Pro Magento 2 Extension Review; AheadWorks AJAX Cart Pro Magento Module Overview

Make your Magento shopping cart customer-friendly by installing Aheadworks AJAX Cart Pro. The extension is aimed at both Magento 2 and 1, so you don’t have to worry about a version of the ecommerce platform you use (it is easy to choose the appropriate module). After installation, you will only need to set up five options to fully leverage the power of AJAX in the cart. After that, your Magento 2 website will be enhanced with an add-to-cart pop-up. In their turn, your buyers will be able to select all the necessary products and add them to cart without even leaving the catalog. By removing annoying interruptions from the shopping process, you will make your customers more loyal, eventually increasing sales.
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Aheadworks Store Locator for Magento 2 and 1

AheadWorks Store Locator Magento 2 Extension Review; AheadWorks Store Locator Magento Module Overview

If you have a brick and mortar store, this extension is a must-have addition to your ecommerce website. Aheadworks Store Locator for Magento 2 and 1 allows your customers to find nearby offline locations related to your online business. As a website owner, you only have to specify basic details about each brick and mortar store as well as show their location on a map. In their turn, your visitors get a full list of your store locations. Besides, they have an opportunity to search for a store within a certain radius as well as by a specific address. Let’s have a look at the extension’s features.
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